Thursday, June 9, 2011

U Borrow I Susah... *sigh*

This was actually happened on 11th April 2011. 
I still remember the date as I'm holding my credit card bill here...

A friend of mine was going to make a trip to Serawak with his mom and family.
I was with him that time and saw him 'fighting' with his laptop trying to buy ticket online but always FAILED. He was using his Maybank Card.

He kept on calling his mom and so worried coz afraid won't be able to fly.

Til one time, I feel so pity about him.
So when he asked whether I have any card, then I said "I do".
I lend him my credit card, which sooooo stupid thing I did that time.
I had bad experience with a friend of mine before, she didn't pay me like a month after she use my credit card for buying a flight ticket. Until my mom so pissed off too and drove to the friend's house to collect the money.

Well, yes there is a connection with mom, as it is a subsidiary card which my family has promised that it is ONLY FOR URGENT THING.
Yes, I never use it. No no never.
Especially to buy Malaysia Airlines ticket, coz my family only use Air Asia/KLM.

So yeah, as a friend, I let him used the card.
I leave it on him on how much flight fare he bought.
He already mention he bought 3 tickets and DONE.
He said he'll pay ASAP.

I remember end of April I was at Jakarta and I finally received RM 1k from him.
He said there's more he'd want to give.
Ok, I thought he wanted to pay me MORE as an appreciation for the card I lend him.
I don't know how much he used, when he gave me RM 1k, I thought total spending was 1k.
But then when the bill arrived, early of May, there stated that:

He used the card for MAS flight tickets of RM2k!
And not only on that day, abut 2 days after that he purchased another one!
Without my permission...

Mom was a bit shocked that I didn't knew how much my friend's spent.
I was so careless, I know...
I trust the person too much.
What mom wanted was to get my friend pays me back ASAP coz the interest started to run.

He hasn't paid the balance yet.

And I'm just too tired of asking.
MALU. Macam along jer minta2 duit.
Last night was my last day of me waiting patiently.
Asked for the money, coz today I'm flying back to Jakarta, supposedly bring the money with me.
But suddenly he went on missing...

I sent him sooo many SMSes. 
I mad. Yes I'm soooo mad.
How could he?
I was ikhlas helping him.
But what he did to me?
Malu, seriously malu.
Malu minta orang bayar hutang kita.
He supposed to be malu to not paying what he borrowed.
Tapi peliknye, me yang malu...
Coz been asking like so many times...

Knp kne tunggu me marah???
Why not you update me on how you going to pay?
I always ask you to pay half, or any amount you have now.
But you never ever listen.

And this morning he texted me he will try to get 50%

Only 50%???
Then who'll pay the interest????
Ok cun!


Moral of the story: don't trust anyone that much, especially bab bab duit cengginih...


ohhh!!, pity u. and yess, don't bg pinjam sesiapa ever again. kuatkan hati. org camtu ptt xyah ditolong

yes,that correct!!
manusia sekarang boleh lupa rasa malu disebabkan duit...

amik pengajaran dari apa yang jadi..

jgn kata kawan2...even sedara mara or adik beradik pon boleh tikan kita dari belakang..byk dah kes yg jadi..

beware k..

don't trust anyone too much dear.. we can trust for a certain thing.. but when it comes about money.. better we are not interfere that's problem.. i've experienced with dat.. ingat tak ada someone yang maki hamun kat blog I dulu? dia la yg selalu hutang ngan I..I tolong sbb dia takde duit nak makan n sbgnya. tapi bila kita tegur pasal habit dia suka berhutang, then melenting.. abes sume rahsia I dia bukak and mereka2 cerita untuk malukan I..siap malukan I dekat facebook dia lagi..and siap mention my name lagi..then all my students know everything and some of the stories are fake! dia yg mereka2 cerita..padahal masa dia susah dulu I jugak yg the end dia plak malukan I..hina I..macam2 nasty words dia sembur kat saya.. n moral of the story, saya mmg tak akan bagi pinjam duit kat orang lain kecuali my family aje.. when it comes about money mmg susah .. n last2 kita yg terpaksa tanggung semua.. benci sgt org after ni jgn cpt percaya kat org tau..

betul2... semoga kita semua bole dapat pengajaran dari apa yang sudah berlaku... kne lagi berhati2...