Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Wedding Prep: My 3rd Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Melaka!

Salam, bloggers...
After THIS and THIS photoshoot, me and Mr Red Ribbon was finally made another last prewedding photoshoot again at Melaka last weekend.
A friend of us, who was supposed to take our pictures was suddenly had something more important but we didn't drop our plan that day.
There was one very nice blogger who was there and captured our moments together at this historical city, Melaka.

Why Melaka?
First of all, memang we didn't have Melaka on our mind before.
Just a week before the shoot date, kan kita nak pegi jemputan kenduri our friend at Melaka tu (read HERE) so I was thinking on why not doing the shoot at Melaka?
You know I always love Melaka, always wish I could bring my family down to Melaka.
Tapi belum sempat lagi.
The town is sooo unique and it makes nice background for your pictures.

Heeee berhasil gak pakai baju batik nie... yang.... ssshhhh... nie baju seragam untuk hantaran tau!
Sebab memang dah tak sabar nak pakai baju nie :D
Sah ke tak sah nie barang hantaran dah sempat pakai? keh keh...

Nak juga pose lari2 cam ginih kan...
Xjadi! Ada orang kat belakang tue...
Can we edit and take out the guy kat belakang tu?

Kesian Daniel the photographer tue, mesti penat kan...
So, we all ajak dia lepak jap makan cendol pulut (heee sebetulnyer me yang penat dan haus tau, ahahaha xbaik bawak2 nama orang...)
Sedap! Wanna have another one that time, tapi kne gerak lagi...
Teruskan perjuangan :D

I'm honestly LOVE this pic, but the problem is the lady's hair on the left and our feet got cropped...
Huaaaa... I want this pic, how to edit???

So many pics we got that day.
At one time I told Daniel if we make it to 200 pics? He said NO.
And one time masa dah nak gelap tue, he said he thought it was 200 already.
But when we received the CD, there are 505 piccasss!!!!
No wonder la bergambar macam orang gila...
Dah xingat kanan kiri, xingat la orang2 tengok.
Xde la penat, was so happy with the shoot and Daniel was sooo alright :)
It was just... thirsty gak jalan2 jauh...
Wearing heels (coz my slipper tertinggal somewhere but we managed to find it later on)

There you go, it's Daniel...
The only pic of him. We didn;t have pic of 3 of us :(
Sedihnyer... No worries la later we lepak Melaka, we let you know...
And you, if you come down to KL pls give us a BUZZ!

Hope you learn something lots of things from the photoshoot.
I can't comment on the 505 pics... Soo many!
But if we sit down and review back those pics together, sure we can learn together too...

Anyone of you going to Melaka for jalan2 or prewedding shoot.
Try contact DANIEL HERE.
I'm sure he'd love to help you out :)

Which pics for display on the wedding dewan?
Shhh... SECRET!
Will reveal which one soon after the wedding yea...


i wish to try pre-wedding shots one day :)

i think it's quite easy lol~
just crop ur pic.. then, done!
(for pic with sumone's hair)

Hi Nelly and Hafiz.

U can't imagine how nervous I am when I was about to read this post.

I know it wasn't much. but the satisfaction I get when you like the pictures if worth while.

Thanks for the great company. Hope we can hang out again. And I would like to "shoot" both of you again. hahaha

@ken: no harm on trying... or having one! :)

@tukang cerita: yup i can crop, but then my dress will be cropped too... and how to get back my feet? hehe... *my editing homework this week*

@daniel: yes, we got some good shots, don't worry. hope can put at least 5-7 pics from u on the wedding hall hehe... not include the other 2 photoshoots ive done before. *sorry la, pasangan narsis*

yes sure, will come down to KL again when we are so free, at least can spend a night there kan?

wow..bole try ni...i pun nk g melaka for anniv dok terpikir y not buat photoshoot kannn...

btw...daniel ni gmbr yg dia snap oke ke...tgk cam kureng jerrr....but xtau la yg the rest 500 tu..


gambar yg saya letak kat sini is gambar behind the scene ye, yg betul2 saya choose utk letak kat wedding saya xde kat sini...

daniel is a person yang ada camera dan minat utk belajar fotografi, bukan photographer. my photographer friend suppose to be the one shoot us at melaka and daniel is 2nd photographer, but my friend didnt turn up, so daniel la yang berbaik hati berpeluh penat tangkapkan gambar kami :)

if im not mistaken daniel dah pindah duduk KL sekarang...