Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why am I telling all my wedding preparation to you all OPENLY?

Well, mesti korang semua kadang tertanya2, or probably don't care yang saya selalu cerita pasal wedding preparation saya.
Hnestly, memang sekarang tengah giat bercerita pasal kahwin kahwin dan kahwin lagi sebab this is what I face on daily basis now.
Belajar? Cuti.
Keje? Xada.

Then, just wanted to tell you all that I really love to share what I've going through now.
Be it my problem, my happiness, things that I found so funny, everything.
Termasuk la cite pasal wedding preparation nie.

But above all, I really wanted to have a blog/diary where I can keep those wedding preparation memories for me to read out sometime in future.
It surely would bring my memories back when I'm still single, bersusah payah nak siapkan salah satu hari yang paling penting dalam hidup saya nie.
Who knows my daughter can read this blog someday and see how her mom and dad has gone through those steps that finally unite them in one?

Tapi kan, tengok la B2B lain, kalau bercerita ada je part2 yang kena CENSORED.
Coz they want their wedding to be a surprisingly amazing for those who read their preparation, I mean to bloggers la kan...
I won't keep anything.

Coz I know most of you won't be there for the wedding :(

Yes, if I know that my friends, or my family, reading this blog, I won't be THIS OPEN to you all coz I want those friends and family to be surprised with everything on the wedding procession.

Anyone of you that wish to come, here is the invitation:

I think it's time for me to update My WEDDING CHECKLIST


saya pun suka baca entry pasal kawin..hehehe =)

I memang kompem xboleh datang tapi..I make sure hadiah I wakilkan kehadiran I on your wedding :)