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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bandung Travel : Senarai Entry Travel kat Bandung

 image taken from Google

Heya bloggers...
Since lately Ms Red Ribbon banyak bercerita pasal tour ke Bandung, cerita pasal makanan, shopping, scenery of Bandung, so Ms Red Ribbon buat satu list entries pasal Bandung.

So korang yang nak cari info pasal Bandung bole senang nak terjah yer...
Hope this lists will help you :)

Me akan senantiasa datang dan update entry nie kalau ada entry2 baru pasal Bandung....

check kat SINI

check kat 


check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI


check kat SINI



-Abang Farid- February 2011
check kat SINI

-Abang Azri- April 2011
check kat SINI

-Cik Aida- November 2011
check kat SINI

- November's Customer- November 2011
check kat SINI

- Nur Hasanah- January 2012
check kat SINI

- Nizam and group- March 2012
check kat SINI

- Zahriani and family- April 2012
check kat SINI

- Azuin Zakaria- May 2012
check kat SINI


Foto2 dan cerita jalan2 kat Bandung
check kat SINI

-Abang Farid-
Cerita pasal homestay dan jalan2 kat Bandung
Check kat SINI

-Kak Ella & Hanis Zalikha's family-
The pretty lady stay at the homestay
Check kat SINI

-Review dari mamaLUV-
kat SINI


image taken from Google

check kat SINI dan SINI

check kat SINI

check kat SINI


check kat SINI

Saturday, September 6, 2014

FOR RENT (Daily): Buah Batu Homestay @ Bandung

Going for holiday at Bandung, Indonesia, with group of friends or family?
Looking for a nice, clean, and affordable place to stay in for few days? Or even a week?
Why not stay at Travellya Homestay @ Buah Batu Bandung?

TRAVELLYA homestay at Bandung. A house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms which can occupy up to 15 pax. A good choice for your family/group trip to Bandung, travelling but still feels like home. 
To all that have your own personal taste of meal (or maybe kids/infants' meal) you can cook your own food by staying at homestay.
Moreover, it saves your hotel bills a lot!

Homestay ini terletak dekat dengan plaza tol Buah Batu, Bandung, 5 minit dari plaza tol tu.
Sekiranya anda ingin ke Pusat Bandar, lebih kurang 30minit sahaja untuk normal traffic.

Nie facility yang ada kat dalam homestay tu:
- 2 TVs with local channel (one in master room, one in living room)
- 4 bedrooms with queen size bed in every room
- 3 rooms with personal toilet and water heater
- bath supplies (soap, shampoo) are provided
- 3 towels will be provided for each room
- spacious wardrobe in every room
- room 2+3 attached with door
- standing fans in every rooms
- kitchen with free-use of plates, spoons, glasses, stove, and gas
- cooking utilities (can cook your own halal meal)
- fridge to store your meal
- water dispenser (hot/cold)
- spacious 2 living rooms, for the family to gather
- extra mattress will be provided as per request
- clothes dry area (frontyard)
- iron and iron board will be provided as per request
- 3 car porch
- extra 2 more toilets (one toilet at kitchen, one wash room at car porch)
- one friendly house keeper, Abg Iwan.



- Feels like home
- Relaxing is fun with all family members
- So spacious for you to pack up your shopping stuffs and bags
- Can cook your own meal for family/baby
- Save your hotel bills especially for a group tour

Ground Level, Homestay
RM300 per night, max 10 pax. Add RM10/pax/night

First Floor, Small Guest Rooms (female only)
RM60 per night per room, max 2 pax

^no breakfast^

  Untuk tempahan homestay/bilik min. 2 malam dan hanya kami buka:

1.5 bulan sebelum tarikh sewa.

Kami dahulukan customer yang akan mengambil pakej kami.


For more info on the exact location of the homestay and interesting places at Bandung, please refer to the map below:

We've listed down places that are mostly asked by previous customer, if you wish us to add more places, let us know :)

How far is it from:

Homestay to airport

Homestay to Pasar Baru

- Kami tidak menerima tempahan transport dan upgrade kepada full pakej saat akhir terutamanya setelah anda mendarat di Bandung.
- Pastikan pemandu anda mahir jalan2 di Bandung & berikan alamat homestay kami kepadanya sebelum berangkat ke Bandung bagi mengelakan pemandu sesat.
- Kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab di atas masalah yang timbul daripada pemandu anda.
- Untuk menghindari sebarang masalah kami mencadangkan anda mengambil pakej penuh (akomodasi & transport) dari kami.

More story about Places of Interest at Bandung and Homestay Environment 

PS: more pics of the house will be uploaded and updated here soon :)


21- 25 January 2012 : Nur Hasanah
26 - 30 January 2012 : Dr Aliffin
6 - 9 February 2012 : Kak Puza
10 - 12 February 2012 : Lina FB - homestay only
16 - 18 February 2012 : Sewi Wani - homestay only
18 - 20 February 2012 : Fir Rahman - homestay only
20 - 23 February 2012 : Ms Red Ribbon & family

24 - 28 February 2012 : Hj Rahim - returning customer
11 - 16 March 2012 : mamaLUV - homestay only
18 - 21 March 2012 : Zuaidah 
27 - 31 March 2012 : Masunah Mansur
1 - 5 April 2012: Zah
10 - 13 April 2012 : Nur Eezra *
11 - 14 April 2012 : Nuradiba
22 - 26 April 2012 : Zali *
26 - 28 April 2012 : Nur Anisah 
17 - 22 May 2012 : Radin Mohd Aliff - homestay only
27 - 30 May 2012 : Zulkifli  - homestay only
1 - 3 June 2012 : Noor SH  homestay only
5 - 9 June 2012 : Nor Liyana Kamaruddin
9 - 12 June 2012 : Azuin Zakaria
24 - 27 June 2012 : Marziella
28 June - 3 July : Nana Nurlisa- homestay only
4 - 7 July 2012 : UTSB 
9-12 July 2012 : Normala Nordin 

31 August - 3 September 2012 : Kissman Che Lah  homestay only
11 - 15 September 2012 : Nizawati
19 - 22 September 2012 : Azlinar Mohd Nasir
22 - 24 September 2012 : Ain Yoose
30 September - 4 October 2012 : Norlaili Musa
4 - 9 October 2012 : Suwaibah
8 - 11 October 2012 : Kak Zety
11 - 14 October 2012 : Ilya Jannuri
19 - 22 October 2012 : Nurul Izzat
8 - 10 November : Nuurchahaya Sabri
11 - 17 November 2012 : Sya'hed Ja'far
24 - 27 November 2012 : Mohd Syahmi

2 - 5 December 2012 : Syaiyatul Hajar
6 - 9 December 2012 : Ariffin
10 - 12 December 2012 : Rozi Hanim
25 - 28 December 2012 : Edabelle family
28 - 30 December 2012 : Abd Rahman


8 - 11 January : Azlina Mislan
16 - 19 January : Nurul Hanun
19 - 22 January : Fariha Mastor
24 - 26 January : Miss Eida
25 - 29 January : Noor Aida

30 January - 2 February : Normala 
14 - 17 February : Nadhirah
21 - 24 February :  Aisyah
4 - 7 March : Nisa Nuar
12 - 14 March : Nina Suhaina
19 - 22 March : Alin
4 - 8 April : Robiah
9  - 13 April : Nornydia
1 - 4 May : Jamalia
16 - 20 May : Mohd. Nawab 

2 - 5 Oct : Fasihah, 3A (deposit paid)
5 - 7 Oct : Roziana, 4A (deposit paid)
12 - 14 Oct : Rahman, 3A (date secured)
18 - 22 Oct : Intan Juliana, 7A (deposit paid)
17 - 21 Nov : Jonaina, 6A 3C (deposit paid) 
11 - 15 Dec : Asma, 15A 1C (deposit paid)

28 Feb - 2 Mac : Nabilah Mokhtar, 8A (deposit paid)

Friday, July 25, 2014

PAKEJ TOUR MURAH KE JAKARTA dan BANDUNG October 2013 - August 2014


Selepas kenaikan harga petrol sebanyak 25% kat Indonesia bulan Jun 2013 lepas, kami terpaksa mereview semula rate pakej bajet ke Bandung dan Jakarta kami.

Rate nie berkuatkuasa mulai hari nie ye...
Tempahan seakrang dibuka untuk October 2013 -August 2014



Nak tahu apa yang masuk dalam pakej nie?
Bole cek kat sini:

Any enquiry, bole terus message kami kat FB atau email travellyaMY@yahoo.com
Nak kami tolong quotekan, sila message FLIGHT DETAILS dan BERAPA RAMAI PESERTA yang nak pergi bercuti.

Thanks and have a nice day :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winner of CER TEKA Giveaway for Bride to Be KL&Selangor :)

Assalam and hi bloggers and everyone...

We are finally announcing the winner of our latest Giveaway,
"CER TEKA GIVEAWAY", remember?

So without further due, here are the winners of the giveaway:

Each of them entitled:

- RM100 Wedding Voucher from Red Ribbon Wedding Works
- RM100 Make Up Voucher
- RM50 Bobbi Broun Make Up Voucher
- Set of photobooth props

Congratulations once again!
Pls PM, email, or whatsapp us, dear winners...
Thanks to everyone yang dah join, we'll be organising another GA soon :)
So, bride to be, especially Selangor or KL B2B, stay tune kat sini :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Alhamdulillah, Penghijrahan Felixia Yeap


Izinkanlah hari ini saya menuliskan berita bahagia untuk rakan2 semua especially ummah Muslimah di dunia.
In no relation to religion, seorang perempuan telah meninggalkan masa 'gelap'nya dan berubah menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik.

Orang di sekeliling saya pada masa itu kebanyakkannya mengukur kebahagiaan dengan kekayaan teman lelaki, apa parti yang paling "happening" yang mereka dapat pergi, rasa "happy" janji dapat minum dan mabuk, berapa yang boleh dikikis dari lelaki kaya yang memikat, dan kebanyakkan mendahagakan kemewahan dan dicari tanpa mempedulikan harga diri.

Tetapi bagi saya, itu bukan kemewahan yang saya cari. Sebab apa gunanya punyai kemewahan tetapi hidup rasa kosong, tidak bermakna dan bergelumangan dengan dosa?
Itu bukan kebahagiaan yang saya carikan.
Quoted from her blog.

To all muslims, the good news is Felixia Yeap has decided to convert to Islam.
Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah...

Dan pada hari ini, iaitu hari bersejarah dalam hidup saya...saya akan menjadi seorang Islam secara rasmi. 

3 Julai 2014, bersamaan dengan 5 Ramadhan 1435.

Saya yang telah Islam di hati (tanpa disedari), kini akan mengucapkan 2 kalimah syahadah saya di depan keluarga terdekat saya, dan juga para kenalan yang telah seringkali menyokong dan memberi galakkan pada saya supaya terus istiqamah.

Bole membaca coretan tangannya dalam blognya:


Untuk sesiapa yang selama ini sibuk menghantar makian, fitnah, dan macam2 pada sis Felicia, harap2 boleh mengambil ikhtibar dari penghijrahan beliau.
Bukan senang macam kita muslim daripada lahir pon dah seorang muslim, xkne bersusah payah macam saudari kita ini, lagi kita nak sudutkan dia.
At least, bagi la sokongan kat dia kan?
She's about to learn... bukan masanya untuk condemn sana sini...

One thing yang mungkin kita tak sedar, kita ini bukannya pasti lagi sempurna daripada dia.
I salute her yang dah lepasi semua cabaran ini.
This is between Her and Allah.
Please everyone, ambil ikhtibar untuk menjadi seorang muslimah yang lagi baik.



Friday, June 27, 2014

KLFW2014: Tom Abang Saufi and Kavitha

Naaahh... entry sambungan daripada KLFW 2014 Pavillion aritue lambat post, ehehe, minta maaf ye... harap xbasi enough. Coz as I said, that nite some of things inside my wish to do list tercapai :)

So, after Jovian Mandagie show (READ HERE) me and everyone (hubby and friends) went to this one cafe, I fogot the name, not too familiar...
There I registered for Tom Abang Saufi and Kavitha's show.
This KLFW 2014 is by invitation only, for sure public can watch too from 2nd or 3rd floor but to beable to sit in front of the catwalk with all those celebrities and media, of course you need invitation card.
I didnt came as media, nor fashion blogger (but the Jovian show one, I registered under blogger), so for this showI got invitation through my friend.

One thing yang kempunan sangat ni nak bergambar with Hatta Dolmat.
Few times met him, asyik maluuu maluu je nak bergambar.
So he was there sat next to our table, my friend introduced me to him...
"This is my friend from Indonesia and she is blogger" whoaaa terernye dia introduce me...
Terus rasa berhutang nak buat entry pasal Hatta Dolmat and Collections in future :)

And after the hi-tea...

Let's start with Tom Abg Saufi by Iman collection:

I'm totally in love with the collection...
Yes I'm a fan of contemporary design of modern and traditional outfit.
Cantik kan batik dibuat modern clothes :)
And the colorful clothes also amazed my eyes...
Love it and promise to myself will try to be more colorful in future.
My ex-boss once told me you have to be more colorful instead of wearing black, dark brown, dark green, coz it will effect your aura.
If we wear colorful clothes insyaallah boleh membawa aura positif both to ourself and people surround us :)

 Kami yang bz berselfie...

And the next collection will be from Kavitha :)

 Collection Kavitha nie, I may say more to British India nyer design...
It's probably coz of the influence of her Indianness (did I spell it correctly?)
Selalunya mat salleh2 suka ngan design2 mcm nie ;)

Te Kavitha show remark the closure of KL Fashion Week 2014, which that night I can see many celebrities attending the show.
So after the show, I was hunting down all the celebrities la to take pictures ahaha..
Not all, I have 70% shyness in me, glad my friend keep pushing me here and there, asking those celebrities on behalf of me to take pics.
Even to those celebrities I didnt know kah kah...

Ok, here I share some catch of the nite :)

Me and Tom Abg Saufi, didnt managed to take pic with Iman, her daughter, who designed all the beautiful clothes on catwalk that nite...

This is me and my ex boss, late before the show I met him just across the Pavillion.
Dah agak dah ni mesti dia dtg for the KLFW 2014, and yes he was there.
Met him few times after I resigned on 2009, but never had a chance to spoke or take pic with him... So that nite, talked to him for a while and snap pic for my memory.
Happy working with him that time, I have nothing to regret, he's a nice boss.
Just time not right for me to keep working with him...

And here's my 2nd pic with him and hubby too.
Introduced my hubby to him, dunno whether he still remember my hubby or not.
Few times picked me up at the office after work that time, sempat terserempak ngan dia jgk...
Just wish for the best of him, in carreer and love...

And this is last pic of all celebrities yang bergambar malam tue (others I didnt post, coz too many huhu...)
You may see at the pic that I was sooo happy for the chance of selfieing with Fazura.
But the real story is, I was trying to selfie with her but unfortunately I wasn't that expert, I was off the screen actually, somy friend came to help me holding the camera before I pust the shutter button. Everyone laugh at me (sorry, xbiasa berselfie dengan org lain), so there I was, laughing hard too :)

So that's about it, after selfie with Fazura I straight away balik rumah, missing my cutie Rafi so much.. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

KLFW 2014 - Jovian Mandagie

Assalamualaikum and hi bloggers...

Last Sunday was superb! Was finally fulfill some of my to-do-checklist :)
And it was all in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2014
Tho that wasn't a pretty good starter of the day (since I got stuck at KLIA 2 parking and the staffs were so sloooww in giving some hand - ok fullstop won't story mory about this) but I managed to had fun on the night.

(me in Batik Java dress (contemporary gitchuuu, designed and made by my own beloved and talented mother... how i wish i can design and make my own dress)

I went to KLFW, a bit late but alhamdulillah the fashion show just started, I came exactly on time when the host welcomes all the models for Jovian Mandagie collections.
Yes, I came for Jovian Mandagie and Tom Abang Saufi.
Was hoping to see Raya Collection from Jovian Mandagie but too bad, the night was for his other collection, random collection I supposed.
But he did gave us his Raya Collection booklet, cuci mata from the booklet first then I might go on surfing the website for his collection: JOVIAN MANDAGIE JM WEBSITE

One thing good about him that nite, he was out with his very casual look.
Army cap, thirt and pdl pants...
I like it so much, he just look more manly compare to other male fashion designer.

Oh yea, I was late for this show, didnt manage to get HOT SEAT.
So, wait for my next update regarding Tom Abg Saufi and Kavita collections.