Friday, June 27, 2014

KLFW2014: Tom Abang Saufi and Kavitha

Naaahh... entry sambungan daripada KLFW 2014 Pavillion aritue lambat post, ehehe, minta maaf ye... harap xbasi enough. Coz as I said, that nite some of things inside my wish to do list tercapai :)

So, after Jovian Mandagie show (READ HERE) me and everyone (hubby and friends) went to this one cafe, I fogot the name, not too familiar...
There I registered for Tom Abang Saufi and Kavitha's show.
This KLFW 2014 is by invitation only, for sure public can watch too from 2nd or 3rd floor but to beable to sit in front of the catwalk with all those celebrities and media, of course you need invitation card.
I didnt came as media, nor fashion blogger (but the Jovian show one, I registered under blogger), so for this showI got invitation through my friend.

One thing yang kempunan sangat ni nak bergambar with Hatta Dolmat.
Few times met him, asyik maluuu maluu je nak bergambar.
So he was there sat next to our table, my friend introduced me to him...
"This is my friend from Indonesia and she is blogger" whoaaa terernye dia introduce me...
Terus rasa berhutang nak buat entry pasal Hatta Dolmat and Collections in future :)

And after the hi-tea...

Let's start with Tom Abg Saufi by Iman collection:

I'm totally in love with the collection...
Yes I'm a fan of contemporary design of modern and traditional outfit.
Cantik kan batik dibuat modern clothes :)
And the colorful clothes also amazed my eyes...
Love it and promise to myself will try to be more colorful in future.
My ex-boss once told me you have to be more colorful instead of wearing black, dark brown, dark green, coz it will effect your aura.
If we wear colorful clothes insyaallah boleh membawa aura positif both to ourself and people surround us :)

 Kami yang bz berselfie...

And the next collection will be from Kavitha :)

 Collection Kavitha nie, I may say more to British India nyer design...
It's probably coz of the influence of her Indianness (did I spell it correctly?)
Selalunya mat salleh2 suka ngan design2 mcm nie ;)

Te Kavitha show remark the closure of KL Fashion Week 2014, which that night I can see many celebrities attending the show.
So after the show, I was hunting down all the celebrities la to take pictures ahaha..
Not all, I have 70% shyness in me, glad my friend keep pushing me here and there, asking those celebrities on behalf of me to take pics.
Even to those celebrities I didnt know kah kah...

Ok, here I share some catch of the nite :)

Me and Tom Abg Saufi, didnt managed to take pic with Iman, her daughter, who designed all the beautiful clothes on catwalk that nite...

This is me and my ex boss, late before the show I met him just across the Pavillion.
Dah agak dah ni mesti dia dtg for the KLFW 2014, and yes he was there.
Met him few times after I resigned on 2009, but never had a chance to spoke or take pic with him... So that nite, talked to him for a while and snap pic for my memory.
Happy working with him that time, I have nothing to regret, he's a nice boss.
Just time not right for me to keep working with him...

And here's my 2nd pic with him and hubby too.
Introduced my hubby to him, dunno whether he still remember my hubby or not.
Few times picked me up at the office after work that time, sempat terserempak ngan dia jgk...
Just wish for the best of him, in carreer and love...

And this is last pic of all celebrities yang bergambar malam tue (others I didnt post, coz too many huhu...)
You may see at the pic that I was sooo happy for the chance of selfieing with Fazura.
But the real story is, I was trying to selfie with her but unfortunately I wasn't that expert, I was off the screen actually, somy friend came to help me holding the camera before I pust the shutter button. Everyone laugh at me (sorry, xbiasa berselfie dengan org lain), so there I was, laughing hard too :)

So that's about it, after selfie with Fazura I straight away balik rumah, missing my cutie Rafi so much.. :)