Tuesday, June 24, 2014

KLFW 2014 - Jovian Mandagie

Assalamualaikum and hi bloggers...

Last Sunday was superb! Was finally fulfill some of my to-do-checklist :)
And it was all in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2014
Tho that wasn't a pretty good starter of the day (since I got stuck at KLIA 2 parking and the staffs were so sloooww in giving some hand - ok fullstop won't story mory about this) but I managed to had fun on the night.

(me in Batik Java dress (contemporary gitchuuu, designed and made by my own beloved and talented mother... how i wish i can design and make my own dress)

I went to KLFW, a bit late but alhamdulillah the fashion show just started, I came exactly on time when the host welcomes all the models for Jovian Mandagie collections.
Yes, I came for Jovian Mandagie and Tom Abang Saufi.
Was hoping to see Raya Collection from Jovian Mandagie but too bad, the night was for his other collection, random collection I supposed.
But he did gave us his Raya Collection booklet, cuci mata from the booklet first then I might go on surfing the website for his collection: JOVIAN MANDAGIE JM WEBSITE

One thing good about him that nite, he was out with his very casual look.
Army cap, thirt and pdl pants...
I like it so much, he just look more manly compare to other male fashion designer.

Oh yea, I was late for this show, didnt manage to get HOT SEAT.
So, wait for my next update regarding Tom Abg Saufi and Kavita collections.