Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Invitation for All Photographers in Melaka - Outdoor Photoshoot (again)

Ok, blame me for planning my THIRD prewedding photoshoot.
I just can't resist my plan going to Melaka this weekend for my friend's wedding.
Then, just realized that I need to put up lots of pics on the dewan for the wedding function.
Yes, I just need more theme so to make it more vary...

DAY/DATE: Saturday, 4th June 2011
LOCATION: Melaka (will update to participator)
TIME: after Ashar til sunset

This will be a casual photoshoot. Nothing fancy.
I need a 'candid-look' photoshoot, since my previous one looks so... formal.
Probably making it a bit VINTAGE-THEMED will do :)

wanna shoot something simple as above.

Ok, this is the Batik sedondon outfit that will be used on the photoshoot.
I'll just need to buy the tudung, similar color with the batik.
Hmmm is it brown or red?
I think I have the red one on too many pics already...

Then, second outfit will be KEBAYA for me, and SUIT for him.
Example of pics:

Actually this KEBAYA and SUIT theme is THE LAST theme we'd like to shoot.
We just need ONE PIC of us wearing KEBAYA and SUIT and the pic will be placed on the PHOTOBOOTH (check HERE). Then the result later will be in BLACK AND WHITE with RED only on my lips hehe... So this outfit will be an extra, if got extra time then shoot, if not then cancel.

By the way, insyaallah the KEBAYA will be the one I'm wearing for wedding at Mersing on October 2011 :)

So, I'd like to capture those images with the beauty of historical Malacca city as the background and would like to invite all photographers, be it newbie or pro, to have a session of photoshoot with us. I have hired one photographer, but me at the same time want to see how you can work your photo gear :)

If you wish to join as a newbie, let me know.
If you wish to join as pro, and would like to offer your package, let me know too :)

Lepas habis photoshoot, nanti kita sama2 lepak jap yer makan2, bills on us :)

Sila email
Bagi tahu juga uols nyer photo blog ke portfolio yer...
Please spread the words...
Like ke, Re Tweet ke, we appreciate that...
Thank You :)


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