Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Travel Bandung - Stories of Kampung Daun, Lembang - Bandung

Kampung Daun Gallery Restaurant is one of the best restaurants at Bandung.
Located 40 minutes further up from the center of Bandung City, the restaurant offer a good ambience of dining experience in nature jungle.


The entrance of Kampung Daun...
One day after New Year's 2010 to 2011


Can you imagine? Relaxing your body while enjoying tasty food with a scenery of river flows and waterfalls in front of you.

And look at those green trees... Truly relaxing your eyes.
What a great gateway to pamper your brain, heart, and body...
While bringing kids will be such a great adventure as they will step through path by path of stones, chattering happily while looking at a truly nature beauty they might have never seen before.

The saung (a hut made by bamboo) is so comfy that they also provide pillows for us to lay down our head for a while.
The weather there is quite cold with windy breeze.
Makes us hungry and sleepy at the same time!

Yes, definitely.
Get your gear and start snapping picture.
A recommended place for a romantic prewedding picture too :)


Ok, this is one version of mine. Me and Mr Red Ribbon...
But not a prewedding pic yeah hehe...

Now... talking about FOOD!


So many food being offered here, but most of them are Sundanese food with only few from Javanese culinery.
Price for a set of meal ranging from Rp. 25,000 - Rp. 65,000 which of course so pocket-friendly if we want to compare with other cafes in town minus the water flows' sound tickling our ears.
So peaceful, until we can enjoy the meal bit by bit.


We are free to choose our fav food. Then when we are ready to order we have to knock "kentungan" to call the waiter... So traditional way instead of using bell or so.
(in picture, one of Bandung tour customer, Kak Fiza...)

Here one of Javanese food called set Nasi Gudeg Solo.
For your info, this food is NOT SPICY at all.
In fact, it's so sweet as the manu came from Java which famous cooking sweet food.

And this one is a set of Nasi Timbel Ayam.
Just look at the red chillies... Yup, this is SPICY!
It's one of Sundanese food (signature dish) at Kampung Daun.
You should try one!

Many drinks available...
Hot, cold, sweet, sour, you mention it!

But through all the menu...
My favourite one is:

It's a traditional drink from West Java (Bandung dan sekitarnyer) made from coconut water and red sugar... Inside, it got kolang kaling... Can serve chill or hot :)

Kampung Daun on weekend will be packed with visitors local or international.
School holiday? Don't ask. Just look at the pic above...
It was suddenly not look as it's a restaurant anymore hehe...
So, if you looking at a romantic lunch or dinner, or you don't like those crowds, make sure to come on weekdays and NOT on public holiday :)
Besides too crowded, you need to stand on a very long Q on weekends :(


But, there's always but...
On weekends and public holidays, usually they are some street hawkers selling light food for kids and adults too.
So when you are not in the mood to have meal there, you can just jajan those jajanan while walking around inside the restaurant, taking pictures for sure :)

Ok, this is what I like the most, at Indonesia, this is called kue pancong.
Made from coconut with a bit of salt.
We eat this kue pancong with white sugar or melted red sugar (gula melaka).

Hmmm niiiicceeee...
So on weekend, if Ms Red Ribbon didn't have any budget to eat there, then me just jajan kue pancong hehe... All tidbits and thos light meal only cost Rp. 5,000!!! So cheap!

One more thing, outside the restaurant, one souvenir/gift store open, mostly on weekends.
They sell many souvenirs, gifts, stationaries, and also some clothes.
Worth to check :)


Meeting hall on top of the hill.
Strawberry/blueberry seller at the parking lot.
Dance/art performances on weekend or public holidays.
Clean toilets.


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I like the coconut dessert and the environment and very creative name of the place.