Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Went to MTV Movie Awards at Sunway Pyramid yesterday!

I was at MTV Movie Awards Screening LIVE at Sunway Pyramid yesterday!
You know I have a circle of friends that LOVE to join contests.
Not contests yang dalam blog2 tue...
Tapi contest cam movie tickets, apa2 tickets free la...

So, the story is that 2 of my friends won pair of tickets to the movie awards screening and it is on Monday (yesterday) 9am morning which most of everyone will be at work!
So, before we know the keputusan, I've told them if they won, please take me as I'm so unemployed and will be free on Monday morning.
And yes both of them WON!
(PS: me xjoin sebab only for first 20 contestants and that day nak join dah lambat)

So, yesterday I started my activity early.
PAgi2 dah rajin amek my friend kat rumah dia.
Dah lama dah xdatang gi event2.
I am kind of person yang suke sangat nak gi event2, hehe...
Lagi event yang you supposedly pay for it but you get it for FREE.

Suker sebab dapat goodie bag!
And able to go out with two of my friends :)
Hehehe especially soft toys replica piala MTV movie awards 2011 yang bentuk pop corn tue.
Suke sangat...

Insyaallah Rabu malam tengok screening Super 8 invited by Nuffnang.
A day before I fly back to Jakarta tu...
Lepas balik, I don't think sempat jalan2 lagi huhu...

And one more thing, I just can't wait to see my prewedding pics from last weekend's photoshoot.
Still waiting for poslaju package from Daniel (the photographer) to arrive.

K, friends... Til then...



wah the melaka photos look great!!!. My cannot compare to those....

no la... yours also great, i'm sure about it. especially the silhouette one, always dream of having a silhouette pic :)

student di sana kah??? bestnyaaa, kirim kain

hehe bukan student malaysia kat indonesia, kak... tapi student indonesia kat malaysia :)