Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Important Info for Bandung Tour Package June-August 2011

Salam, bloggers...

First of all, Ms Red Ribbon would like to say sorry if I reply all inquiries regarding Bandung Tour Package a bit late lately.
But I definitely replying your emails.
So sorry again...

I just need to clarify some issues (ceh...) yang ada cakap Ms Red Ribbon xterima perkhidmatan tour Bandung nie lagi.
For your information, order akan senantiasa OPEN.
The problem is that my family member will not be around for accompanying guests since we all in the middle of the hecticness of my wedding preparation. 
BUT the homestay will always AVAILABLE.

The thing is, I received some inquiries yang hanya nakkan perkhidmatan TRANSPORT SAHAJA.
Ms Red Ribbon nak meminta maaf sangat2 untuk bulan June-August nie kita akan outsource transport service from other place, so... harga dia xbole jimat sangat.

To be able to serve all guests with normal price, Ms Red Ribbon decided to just open Full Ground Tour (homestay+transport) with same price. Even rate transport tue naik, tapi kami bole bagi kurang untuk homestay tue. But whatever it is, staying at homestay nie memang bole banyak berjimat daripada stay kat hotel...

Lagi satu, kita amik order untuk minimum 4 orang yer.
Coz since the car rate a bit high, kalau korang datang 2 orang jer we still have to pay same price for the car... Huhu nanti Ms Red Ribbon xbole bayar kete tue plak :(

Hope you all understand yer...

And for those yang nak book untuk bulan selepas Ogos, sila contact me again on Ogos yer... Sekarang buka tempahan sampai Ogos jer. 
Sebab xnak serabut sangat hehe, nanti terlupa lak plak sbb lambat lagi kan?

Pasal rate, insyaallah sampai akhir tahun xnaik.
Tapi New Year's Eve & Cuti Raya, rate akan lain sikit.
Bole contact Ms Red Ribbon untuk full info.

Kindly be informed that from the month of July - August Ms Red Ribbon will be away for her wedding preparation, so NO TRANSPORT ONLY service will be provided.
However, a full ground tour package (homestay & transport) arranged by Travellya Homestay partner are still up and available for min. 4 pax.

For more info do email us at redribbonboutique@yahoo.com



insyaallah nnti bleh guna ur servis