Monday, June 27, 2011

Trans Studio Bandung : 20 Magneficient Rides at Trans Studio Bandung

This is my second entry about Trans Studio Bandung.
Missed out the first one? Check HERE for more basic info about the theme park.
This kind-of-theme park under Trans Corp (Trans TV and so on) management has built the first one few years back at Makassar, Sulawesi Island.
Being called as the biggest indoor theme park in the world, I want you to check out the floor plan of Trans Studio Bandung:

Looks big enough for an indoor one, just click to make it zoomed.
If it's appear CLICK TO SHARE then make sure you click while the words aren't there.

There are 3 sections inside the theme park, consist of:

Studio Central
The Famous Hollywood area just in front of you! 

Watch out line of Hollywood celebrities on Walk of Fame. Plus, you will get to see beautiful Hollywood set up of year 60s.
Who you want to meet? Marlyn Monroe? She'll definitely there!

Lost City

You wanna be in an adventure? Please save this one TV crew on his expedition, get in to the jungle in the safari track, explore the lost city and be a HERO!

Magic Corner

The magic will begin here.

Everything you see is magic here.
Until you won't believe your eyes that... you are in a fun adventure of magic world. 
Sound fun and mysterious?

You want to know what are the rides you can enjoy at Trans Studio?
Here we go...

1. Trans City Theater
Internationally standardized. Watch art show, music, theater, also Broadway performances here :)

2. Yamaha Rolling Coaster
Fastest Roller Coaster in the world! It even can move backward!
With LIM (Linear Induction Motor) technology, it can go as fast as 120km/hr!

while it still under construction...

3. Giant Swing
First giant swinger in Indonesia! Definiely thrilling!

4. 4D Marvel Simulator
Are you a big fan of Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Fantastic ?
Make sure you don't miss this one!

5. Vertigo
Indoor ferris wheel that can turn 360 degrees!

the visual

6. TransCar Racing
 Experience racing F1 car on a real track!

7. Si Bolang
Be an adventurous with Bolang by traveling the whole provinces of Indonesia with special effect and multimedia.

8. Trans Broadcast Museum
First broadcasting museum in Indonesia that will show you process of how a TV program being made.
Surely an interesting topic for children or teenagers to learn.

9. Trans Science Center
Might be a place to Einstein-to-be. Great for kids. 
Educating and entertaining.

10. Trans Movie Magic
Bring whatever on movie to LIVE!

11. Trans Jelajah
You'll be boating on the African jungle, wet, dark, scary. Will be such a good adventure for family and feel the thrill of falling from 13 meters waterfall!

12. Kong Climb
Wall Climbing? Sounds boring? Try this one!
Make Mr King Kong mad, steal the diamond, and climb fast coz Mr King Kong will catch and eat you!

the visual...

13. Negeri Raksasa
Visit this giant kingdom up on the clouds and be ready to fall from the height of 20 meters!!! A good method to practice screaming! :)

14. Liliput Island
A thematic playground for baby and kids below 5 years old.

15. Dunia Lain
Remember Dunia Lain? That hounted TV program on Trans TV Indonesia?
By visiting this haunted place, you will feel mysterious and scary adventure which will take you to famous haunted places at Bandung.
(there you go, Bandung got many haunted places too waaaaa...)

16. Sky Pirates
Be on pirate ship and travel around Trans Studio area.

17. Dragon Riders
Ride the dragon and fly with them!

18. Blackheart Pirate Ship
This is a thematic softplay area that is the biggest in South East Asia.
Having 4 sections of playground, kids will surely love this place!

19. Special Effect Action
A secret of an action film will be revealed here; from car accident, fire at gas station, and people falling from high building.

20. Amphitheatre
World class shows
with international and local artists parade will be performed here. Moreover, all supported by spectacular theatre design and amazing special effects.

Interested to go and try those rides and shows?
Come to Trans Studio Bandung!

Note: translated from many sources