Monday, June 27, 2011

B2B Idea : DIY Love Medicine for Hantaran Kahwin :)

Actually kan, it's been a long time I wanted to write about this one wedding dream of me.
But, I kept it myself coz when it's ready, then I will only tell you all...
But... I still haven't done anything about this plan until there's no more enough time for us to do this...

So, I decide to share this things to you all...

Actually kan, I planned to create this LOVE MEDICINE with Mr Red Ribbon and bring the thing as our hantaran on our wedding day.
Actually, what is LOVE MEDICINE?

Medicine itself is a thing that can cure people's sickness.
Love medicine is something that can cure sickness caused by love.

One day when I browsed around (been long time I can't remember when and where I saw this) I found this article of one bride-to-be that doing this Love Medicine project for their wedding hantaran...
I was thinking, I wanted to make one too!
But too bad, I don't have enough time to prepare everything...

So the Love Medicine "Ms RRB version" is like this:

Buy as many as EMPTY PILLS, the transparent one as pic above looks cute...
Then, getA4 paper, cut it small and long; exp: 1cm x 7cm up to you as long as when you roll it, it can fit in the pills.
If you tired of cutting the paper, you may find something like this at book stores:

Long confetti papers :)

Then you write on each of the paper:
Keep it simple but let it melt his/her heart

For example camnih:
Then roll the paper and put inside the pill.
Make as many as you want... 50pcs? 100pcs?

What is it for???

The love medicine tue, I was thinking to bring on the hantaran...
And the function will be.. whenever there is one problem or one hard time on our life as husband and wife, we will get one pill and read what he/she said about us.

For example, me tengah marah kat Mr Red Ribbon...
menci menci menci! *nie contoh je ye*
Then I grab one love medicine nie, I read what inside...
It's written:
"I always love it when you softly stare my eyes."
Then yang tengah marah pon dah jadi melted dah :)
So that's the function...

Then, I was planning to put all the pills inside this kind of bubble gum machine yang biasa jual kat kedai2 barangan stationary dari China.
But as I said, I haven't got time to buy one :(
Supposedly buy two, one for medicine pills for Ms Red Ribbon and one for Mr Red Ribbon.

Hope this idea will bring something good for all B2B out there.
And if it's necessary and quite romantic to do, I might do this after the wedding or whenever we have time to do this ;)



ala..comeynye function die! hehe..nak jugak..:)