Monday, April 25, 2011

Baru jumpa semalam, pagi nie dah rindu balik :(

Selamat pagi, dunia...
Hari ini hari Isnin. Dah kne start keje lagi.
How was your long weekend?

Eventho my weekend sangat2 xspecial, but I'm glad I was surrounded by my family.
Even last nite tetiba my very best friend ajak tengok konsert, suke sgt2!
I met up with many media people, sangat rindu nak keje lagi kat event organizer, kat media...
Hufff.. I had talk with few people last nite and hope that conversation will goes to something, which of course ada berkenaan ngan pasal kerjaya.

But, yang penting gak... I met my best friend!
Love to see her... Always love everything about her...
Seems like she's the perfect partner for me.
So sad that I'm currently apart miles away from her :(

The pic above was few years back, selepas both of us celebrate her bday (surprise bday cake for her) kat Bukit Bintang... Love her so much like my own sister :)

Hufff entah bila bole jumpe dia lagi ye?
Now she's busy working...
Harap2 sebelum balik KL bole jumpe dia lagi satu kali...

Dah la bersedih2... Jom join contest terbaru dari Ms Red Ribbon jom!
Klik kat banner bawah nie yer :)