Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jom wat Blogger Gathering kat Tony Roma's! 1 cawan air 50 sen jer!

Korang dah pernah dengar promo Tony Roma's nie???

It's really 50 cents tau!!!
Every Monday til Friday 3-6pm...
I've tried once... Hehehe...

Glemer sangat kan nak masuk Tony Roma's, seumur hidup baru satu kali masuk restaurant nie...
Order air 50 sen jer hihihihi

So seronookkk...
You got milk???? :D

We only ordered one dish, I can't remember what it called
But I named it "Chicken Vinegar"

Me and Willie :)
(Looks like he wanted to spank me, ouch!)

This is Mr Red Ribbon yang finally joined us jugak lepas habis keje...
So there were 4 of us, siap dah tambah air plak, and let's check the bills:

Tengok sendiri, murah ke tak murah?
Thinking of this promo kan, me ada idea wat bloggers gathering...

Anyone interested?
Plan nak wat kat mana2 Tony Roma's kat Klang Valley...
Jom jom... How about 5th or 6th April?
Nak nak?


i want TR's Mushroom...hahaha....dont know yet will be available on the dates or not. Thanks for the informations