Thursday, January 7, 2016

Someone for One Job :)

Good morning, assalamualaikum...
Pagi ini nak meng-inspire rakan2 semua...

You can't expect people to be like what you are or what you want them to be,

Doctor needs a runner to help him send flower bouquet to surprise his bday wife when he's on call.

Engineer needs nasi lemak seller for his breakfast every morning.

EO needs blogger or social media person to help them spread the words.

Parents need teacher to help them educate their kids.

Architect needs Ramly burger seller to keep their stomach full whenever they are on tight deadline.

Librarian needs salesman to get more books for reading references.

Celebrity needs media people to smoothen their career.

Secretary needs garment maker to keep up their fashion wardrobe.

Pilot needs wedding planner to help them arrange their wedding coz they are not around most of the time.

Lawyer needs ustadz to help them get closer to the Almighty.

Graphic designer needs coffee and teh tarik distributor to keep them awake for work almost every night.

Businessman needs mechanic to maintain and fix their luxury cars.

Police officer needs pengasuh anak to take care of their kids while their on duty.

Accountant needs grave digger at end of his/her life.

College student needs taxi/uber driver to help them reach class for exam on time.

And the list goes on...

There can't be one single profession exist in the world.
You can't expect everyone to be businessman, or taxi driver only, or expecting everyone to sell nasi lemak.
You can't be doing everything.
There must be SOMEONE to do THE JOB, and people will Thank Allah that is YOU.

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