Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh My Boutique - Part 1 - Oh My Bibik :(

Hi, Assalamualaikum all...

Lately makin ter bz kat butik. Yes, alhamdulillah kami dah buka kedai offline.
So that means anyone interested dengan pape yang kami offer dalam blog nie bole la datang menyinggahkan diri ke butik sederhana kami kat Puchong Prima.

Oh yeapp... Saya ada hutang ngan rakan2 blogger semua, pasal, WHY I finally decided to open a bridal boutique?


It was started when I felt busy doing business from home.
I was just delivered a cute baby that time and when he reached 1 years old, betul2 tengah peak time mengurus kerja2 kahwin customers. 
Not much job, tapi adanya baby Rafi melambatkan semua kerja.
Yer la, housewife yang bekerja, eventho tak banyak sgt kerja but need to be wise in managing the time kan... 
And it was always be a dillemma, between taking Rafi to work (oh he always come with us tau, very very good boy hehe) and leave him to someone else.
Saya sangat antipati meninggalkan Rafi kat taska or daycare, oh no... xnak, xnak xnak...
Tapi sempat plak 'terhantar' for once, and promise won't ever send him there again.
Noo, nothing has happened and nothing wrong with the daycare, it was just me yang xnak tinggal Rafi ngan orang lain eventho that time I only left him for like 2 hours only.

To cut short, suddenly I heard my former nanny/maid... yang jaga saya masa kecik2 dulu, alaaa masa tadika sampai saya teenager, tengah cari kerja lagi.
All of her (my nanny) family memang kerja ngan my family, from her mother, her grandma, her brother jgk, so kitaorng pon dah anggap dia as family jugak.
One time I met her just to chit chat, tanya kabar sume (she came to my house kat Bandung) and said she's getting divorced and want to work with me.
Feeling sorry for her, then I accept her.
Not wanting any nanny for Rafi at the first place, but if having her with me is not a sin too, helping her getting some money and giving her new life so she can forget about her ex-husband, would be a good idea.
So I took her to Malaysia and all permits were easily settled and she work for me.

I love her very much like my own sister and friend.
We had so many beautiful days of jalan2, took her everywhere kat KL nie, travel to Spore together, jangan la bertanya pasal makan2... nak makan kat mana2 pon xkesah, dr yang paling murah sampai la paling mahal...
Bought this and that for her, just wanted to make her happy again post-divorce tu...
We had plan this and that, teasing her that she might be jumpa jodoh kat Msia hihi

Since she's around, I have more free time for business, accepting more jobs on weekends.
It was tiring to have few jobs during weekend, but glad can managed to do everything coz Rafi was not coming for work again, he has his nanny at home playing with him :)

Til 3-4months before her first year at Malaysia ended, I bought her a return-ticket-flight for her to celebrate Raya back home with me.
I asked her how many days she needs to be at Indonesia before coming back to KL? Can you fly back alone? Coz I can't spend too long kat Indonesia since I have some business to run at Malaysia. She said she's afraid of flying alone, so I had to stay at Jakarta for almost a month just to wait for her so we can fly back to KL again together after Raya.
So yeah, DONE I bought the return ticket for us.

It was few weeks after I bought that ticket, I overheard when she was talking to my sister-in-law that she'll getting married during Raya at Bandung and won't coming back to Malaysia again.
Oh and THAT'S THE BEGINNING of Red Ribbon Wedding Works offline boutique...

To be continued....



adoi , boleh pulak macam tu. . tak sabar nak baca sambungannya . btw tahniah dah buka butik =)