Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Secret Wish Contest

Perfume is a must as part of woman make up, why? Percuma cantik2 tapi xwangi... kan kan? I do love perfumes, but not keeping too many in one time, most probably only 2-3 fragrant before I buy another one after all perfumes finished.

So, here is my favourite perfume (but now already finished and still no budget to buy another one hehe...):

I love Anna Sui "Dolly". My dad bought those perfumes for me, but it's been few years I didn't buy another one. Even this one is consider his choice but I really like it so I don't mind when my dad kept on giving me the same perfume. I love Anna Sui perfume series coz it's sweet, so girlish :)

If you wish to own Anna Sui perfume, jom join the contest.
Click the banner to join yer :)
Don't forget, before 30th June 2011...


hi dear! tq for joining this contest! i like ur entri.. short & simple! <3

thank u thank u...
i love anna sui :)