Friday, May 20, 2011

Sent Letter to College: My Study Termination

I just sent my withdrawal form to college, asking for study termination and refund of security bond money.
Currently I'm not holding any visa anymore to stay at Malaysia.
So I'll be entering Malaysia using one month pass, tourist visa.

Do I really quitting my study?
Just for the wedding?

My current college is (for me) sucks!
Fee sangat mahal. Then admin diorang xcukup bagus, xselalu bagi tahu if our assignment ada yang kurang, so kne redo. Last2 me ternampak my result FAILED.
And I don't like the environment also, xada semangat nak gi kolej.
Then everytime kne re-sit, you have to pay the whole subject fee, kne ikut semua kelas semula.
While I found out kat other college, you just re-sit for whatever bende yang failed.
Let say only exam, atau only assignment.
If re-sit the whole thing, can you imagine how many months I should spend for one subject? how much money I should spend for that one particular subject? Almost RM3k per subject!
And I don't have money-tree yet.

So I'll be switching to another college, dah register dah.
Dan akan start class kat new college mid of May nie...
I don't mind taking the course all over again, as long as xmahal, then diorang cakap if ada yang betul2 failed, let say assignment kurang ke ape, so just redo assignment je...
I know coz Mr Red Ribbon study kat situ juga, baru je masuk 1 tahun lepas dah nak habes hehe...

Please pray for me,
Harap2 this time xsalah pilih...


lalink..mahalnyer belajar kt situ...
nnt study kt mane plak.. kalau coursework memang mahal kan? sbb kena byr ikut subjek..kesian u..
good luck ok..

Yes lalink mmg xbole la bljr kar situ kjp2 naik course fee.. diorang sngt2 keruk duit student.. huhu .. ada la kolej baru kat pj je, xharap2 yg skrg nie ok hehe..

I pray for u...InsyaAllah...

nini...thank u, harap2 lancar semua :)