Friday, May 20, 2011

FOOD REVIEW : Kafe Betawi, Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta

Dah lama xtulis review pasal makanan & restaurant.

Sekarang nie nak cite pasal Kafe Betawi kat Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta Selatan!

What is Betawi?
Let's ask Wikipedia, hehe...

The Betawi (Orang Betawi, or "people of Batavia") are the descendants of the people living around Batavia (the colonial name for Jakarta) from around the 17th century. The Betawis are mostly descended from various Southeast Asian ethnic groups, Portuguese and DutchArab, Chinese and Indian brought to or attracted to Batavia to meet labour needs, including people from various parts of Indonesia. They have a culture and language distinct from the surrounding Sundanese and Javanese. The Betawis are known for their music, traditions and food as well as their short temper, directness and their openness to others.

Naaahhh, speaking about Betawi people kan, my brother's wife a.k.a my sister in law nie orang Betawi.
Kebetulan hari tue kitaorang pegi Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta, teman mom wat reunion with her friends, so kita orang sekali la makan kat restaurant yang sama... KAFE BETAWI.


The interior is definitely look like a Betawi interior, even tho for me it's not detail enough.
maybe because of the limited space, ye la kat mall nie, kalau kat luar bole nampak lagi cantik with the traditional Betawi house design :)
Moreover, for me not enough Betawi decoration.
(well, ok don't mad at me, I'm hoping to see more details coz it's Kafe Betawi, if not then restaurant biasa with no identity decoration will be fine for me)

The menu!
Quite simple. Makanan2 yang khas jer and that would be perfect.
For me, too many menu on the menu list wat pening.
Gambar pon cantik2 and sangat represent ape makanan yang akan kita order.
Tengok tue Riri, suke sangat tengok2 buku menu, nak order ape sayang??? Hehehe...

My sister in law ordered this, Lontong Cap Go Meh...
Taste nice, ok la... Cukup jer :)

My brother had a lamb fried rice which I said quite ok (normal lamb fried rice la, no special2)
Then Es Campur (macam ABC) yang rasa dia pon ok je.


I had this Soto Betawi, which I thought it will be the cafe's signature dish...
But the taste.... so so... I can get tastier soto betawi outside, even kat kedai biasa2 jer...

Harga? Hmmm... Quite okay for a concept restaurant in a mall.
Tapi for me the food taste kurang sikit... Also the environment, kurang rasa duduk kat restaurant Betawi.
Not really worth the price...
I never review Kafe Betawi in other location, maybe ada kelainan sikit.
So, this review only for the outlet at Pondok Indah Mall.

So, Riri nak datang sini lagi ke?
Bole je kalau ada orang belanja, if not I think I will dine in other place :)