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Pakej Travel Murah ke Bandung July-August 2011

Salam bloggers,

Ms Red Ribbon has to issue Bandung Shopping Tour Rate earlier for July - August 2011 since there is a few changes on the rate itself. On May 2011 there was a slight increase on petrol price at Indonesia, and when the petrol price hikes you know it's going to affect every single product's price. So I would like to say sorry that we had to release our new rate.
So, here we go. Ms Red Ribbon nak umumkan rate untuk July & August 2011


Nie gambar TRAVELLYA homestay kat Bandung. A house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms which can occupy up to 12 pax. A good choice for your family/group trip to Bandung, travelling but still feels like home. Moreover, it saves a your hotel bills a lot!

Rate maintain jer...
If you dah dapat your own driver, tapi nak sewa rumah sahaja, bole contact Ms Red Ribbon yer...

Nie facility yang ada kat dalam homestay tu:
- 2 TVs with local channel (one in master room, one in living room)
- 3 bedrooms with queen size bed in every room
- 2 rooms with personal toilet + bath supplies (soap, shampoo, toothpaste)
- water heater at master room toilet
- big wardrobe in every room
- 2 rooms attached with door
- standing fans at two of the rooms
- kitchen with free-use of plates, spoons, glasses, stove, and gas
- cooking utilities (can cook your own halal meal) 
- fridge to store your meal 
- water dispenser (hot/cold)
- spacious 2 living rooms, for the family to gather
- extra mattress will be provided as per request
- clothes dry area
- 3 parking space
- extra 2 more toilets (one at kitchen, one at parking lot)

RM 170 per night
for the whole house
*Rate is for both weekdays and weekends

Indonesian can also rent the house at Rp. 500.000,- per night



Ms Red Ribbon/tour guide/driver akan hantar and recommend tempat shopping and jalan2 dan makan2 yang affordable tapi best! Kalau pegi ngan travel agency sometimes diorang bawa pegi restaurant/souvenir store yang mahal sebab diorang dapat komisyen. Ms Red Ribbon nie takde kne mengene ngan komisyen aper2. Ni bisnes family jer. So, kita akan tanya budget korang dan jenis makanan yang korang nak makan yer ;)


4 - 12 pax for RM220/pax only
*Rate is for both weekdays and weekends

below 4 pax, kena caj RM50/pax
atas 12 pax, sila contact Ms Red Ribbon directly yer,
coz we need to arrange acommodation at hotel only :)


Max. 4 pax
RM 250/day sahaja for transportation+accommodation+etc
Max up to 5 days
5-12 pax 
RM 400/day sahaja for transportation+accommodation+etc
Max up to 5 days

 (kira per day bukan per pax)


- Return airport transfer airport-guest house-airport in Bandung
- 3D2N guest house accommodation (a.k.a rumah Ms Red Ribbon kat Bandung)
- AC Coach with driver and petrol 
- Refreshment mineral water or light breakfast
- All parking & toll fees
- English or Malay speaking guide 

- International Air Ticket 
- Return airport taxes Kuala Lumpur/Jakarta or Bandung/Kuala Lumpur
- Entrance fees
- Tipping
- Telephone calls
- Travel insurance 
- Personal expenses incl. shopping and food
- Driver's meal (lunch) on guest.

Not bad kan? 

Spesel for Jakarta trip, Ms Red Ribbon ada TRAVELLYA Guest House juga, tapi most of the room are monthly-rental bukan daily-rental. So, tak janji ada kosong. Tapi Ms Red Ribbon bole recommend hotel murah/apartment sewa murah kat Jakarta. 

But don't worry, we can also arrange your trip at Jakarta
With good rate :) 

Apa2 tanya jer... Ms Red Ribbon xsuke gigit orang tau! Ehehehe...


4-15 July 2011
7-27 August 2011
Banyak date yang kitaorang xamek order tour sebab Ms Red Ribbon akan kahwin on end of July, so family pon akan busy sikit. 


So anyone interested, please email me at

Check kat SINI untuk list entry2 kat Red Ribbon Blog pasal travel ke Bandung!
Thanks :)


Ya Allah mmg tingin nk p Bandung nie,.asyik dgr org lain jer dah pergi..insyaallah pas g universal studio, deqlis nk ke bandung lak..nk g theme park terbesar tue.. (ada cover kat majalah 3)

dekat ke dari homestay nie?
tolong vote deqlis leh? atau
Jom join GA Deqlis.. Timaceh