Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movie Review : Saus Kacang

I know it's kinda late, soooo late to review this movie.
But yesterday just watched it (again) with mom...

The movie started when a tourist left Bunga Cinta Lestari as Dewi (a chef in a well-known hotel in Bali island) and told her their relationship was only temporary. The guy thanked Dewi for her companion during his vacation at Bali. Dewi was shocked and traumatized by what the guy did.

She promised herself she won't fall in love that easy to any tourist anymore.

One time, one tourist from Malaysia, Fredo (played by Ashraf Sinclair), came to Bali and stay at the hotel. He was on a honeymoon package (he supposed to be married by that time but the fiancee has chosen to marry another guy). He was under a stressful circumstances and Dewi has to face the guy; his bad attitude, his stubbornness, etc.

So many clashes and fights happened. Even they caught by Balinese people coz they had broken one traditional rule and they had to pay for what they have done; cleaning the temple together for 4 days. 

2 worst enemies, working together?
Sounds impossible?

Nothing is impossible.
They were finally talk, heart to heart...
And both of them were definitely in love each other.
It was just EGO that make them didn't want to show it at the first place.

But it wasn't the end, coz the fiance was finally came back for Fredo.
How's next? Just watch the movie yea...

This is a very light-romantic-comedy movie, I might say.
I recommend you to watch this to see the beauty of Bali.
And good acting of the couple, Bunga Citra Lestari and Ashraff Sinclair.
It was their first movie together after they were married.

Things I need to highlight:
- Sounds weird when Ashraff came to Bali as a tourist from Malaysia but he speaks more to Bahasa Indonesia.
- A bit weird too when BCL doesn't speak Balinese language or having the dialect. Well probably she came from other part of Indonesia and work at Bali.
- Most of the movie soundtrack sang by Bunga Citra Lestari, which is cool :)
- The movie also features Nadia Saphira, Marsha Milan Londoh, Christian Sugiono, Rima Melati and Bams “Samsons”.

Let's watch the trailer: