Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't celebrate Mother's Day.

Which I called "Mamah"

Mesti dah paham why xada 'something special' on mother's day tahun nie.
Tengok kat blog list macam ramai je orang bercerita pasal mother's day.
Tapi me? Xingat pon hari semalam tue perayaan mother's day!
Even ingat pon, I don't celebrate it this month.

I celebrate Mother's Day on 22nd December, instead.

Through years by years, memang dah pasti my family celebrate it on December...
If you want to know why, read WIKIPEDIA kat SINI.
Yes, sebab kat Indonesia, Hari Ibu adalah 22 Disember!

Normally, I don't celebrate it. It's more to personal appreciation.

One time I woke up early in the morning, buatkan makanan breakfast for the whole family then surprise her! Mom, I've cook breakfast for you!!!

One time masa sekolah lagi ada macam mother's day pageant kat sekolah. Semua murid kne pakai baju adat negeri memasing. Kebetulan hari tue tengah boring asyik pakai baju adat Sunda jer (West Java), so I wore this baju adat Palembang (South Sumatera) -gambar printed ada lagi, tapi xsempat scan, adoi saya comel sangat kat gambar tue, muda lagi time tuh- then I won first prize. Hadiah dapat dan juga a bouquet of flower...

Balik sekolah, sampai rumah, I gave my mom the bouquet, and she almost cry, terharu...
Love that moment...

But no, I don't celebrate it every year, tho...
No makan2, no bagi hadiah, no...
Just being close with mom, cuddling her, give her sincere smile, that's all.
For me things like Hari Ayah, Hari Ibu, or even Valentine's Day is a day yang memang saya tak celebrate. Tapi a day yang more act like 'a reminder'. Of course we all have to love and sayang parents or everyone close to you every day, tapi ade ka kita selalu ingat untuk sayang kat diorang hari2? While we are busy with our work? study? So, perayaan nie hopefully bole buat kita ingat yang diorang ada, diorang sangat bererti buat kita, then it's time for us to show our love to them... 

They need love. They need care. If today those blog entries, campaigns on TV, etc, has reminded you to remember that 'they are exist and need your love', go tell them "I Love You". Go do something special for them to win their heart back. Mungkin dah lama kita lupa tunjuk dan bagi kasih sayang kat diorang...


Even we never celebrate it officially, I will always love you, mom...

You're my best partner in life.
Even sanggup saya ponteng kelas berdua ngan mom sebab lama dah tak jumpe :)
(pic taken 2 years back at Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya)

3 of women in the house...
Will always remain as a solid family :)
(picture taken 4-5 years back)



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