Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mommy, one precious person in my life...
A person that I love the most until I don't know what to do if she's not around.
But luckily, she's here with me now.
She's sleeping next to me when I'm writing this entry.

The best thing she ever done to me?
Well, of course, she's the one that make me able to see the world,
And thousand even million things she's done during raising me as her daughter.

Laughter and cries, she always faced.
I know I'm not a perfect child.
I've done right, I've done wrong.

When she proud of me, she will tell everyone how good I am.
Kissing my forehead and saying, "Mom proud of you."

And when she fell down on me, she will not let people knows.
She will hug me and tell,"Mom knows you can do better. Mom believe in you."

She's the best I ever had.
Even as a daughter, I know, I only manage to make her happy in these last few years only.
But late is better than never...

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