Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need Help! Laptop Battery Troubleshoot!!!

So sad...
Suddenly my laptop battery cam rosak jer :(

Stated there the adapter is plugged in, but not charging.
So everytime I pull out the adapter, laptop terus off...
Dari semalam lagi dah try nie tue, tengok tips2 kat internet, semua xbole...

Tengok kat my battery details, WEAR LEVEL dah 65.70%
Is it time for me to change the battery?
Ingatkan kalau dah 90% baru kne tukar battery baru.
Atau is it charger/adapter yang rosak?

Sebab sekarang nie with or without battery nampak sama jer.
Everytime on laptop, adapter kne plugged in, kalau x, xbole la menyala...
Adooiii cam macam jer nie penyakit...
Cian my laptop :(

Ada yang bole tolong bagi info how to handle this?