Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie Review : HOP - Thanks Nuffnang!

So happy to receive this Nuffnang invitation, eventho we never heard anything about this movie just yet, and so my friends, but we believe that the movie will turn out good.
This movie is a CG-animated comedy movie from the producers of Despicable Me and the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
A bit special since this movie is a mixture of cartoon and real life, makes me remember to the first movie of this kind that I watched, SPACE JAM. Still remember that movie? :)

So the story is about E.B, a young rabbit who lives in Easter Island.
On the pic above is a candy factory at Easter Island. This factory is owned by E.B's father.
His job is to deliver candy and easter eggs to the world (more or less like Santa's job, I suppose)

E.B ( I think it's a short form of Easter Bunny) doesn't wants to be an easter bunny, instead he drowned himself into a joy of a DRUMMER! And it's not just a hobby for him, it's more than that!

This rabbit-wannabe-chicken named Carlos. 
As you may guess, he speak Spanish American and he wanted to take over E.B's job as an easter bunny. Looks weird, but he, as Easter Bunny's Owner's Assistant really want to take over the whole factory! He always try to convince everyone that he would make a better Easter Bunny.

Scenes of Carlos always bring a laughter to me, hehe...
This chicken is sooo funny in such stupid manner hehe, but that's his character.
However, he always think what he did was BRILLIANT :)

So in short, E.B ran away from home, trying to find a world of his own.
But lastly he tried to came back to save the Easter.
How's the story?
You better watch it yourself!

Yay! It's me posing with HOP Standboard, together with Iko, my cat.
He's joining me and Mr Red Ribbon watching the movie. And he loves it!

See, it's Iko inside the cinema hall.
He got new earring from Nuffnang :D

So sorry a bit busy to draw up the score board.
But I would say this movie is RECOMMENDED,
Especially for kids, TOTALLY SAVE, and brings positive attitude to children...