Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am a Barbie Stewardess

Many little girls has an obsession to become a stewardess, one of them was me. When I was in kindergarten and early years of primary school, whenever my teacher ask her students who they wanted to be when they grow up, the girls always answer: A STEWARDESS!!! As for boys, their answer is: engineer.

Why stewardess? What do you think?
As for me, the reason why kids those days wanted to be a stewardess because:

- Girl's childhood identical with those pretty-princess-fairy-tale, and they always want to be pretty (as their mom also called them pretty girl all the time). Stewardess is (supposed to be was, coz nowadays this is uncommon anymore) portrays as a pretty, tall, sexy, and slim woman. That's why all the girls wanted to be one.

- Entertainment business was not as booming as today, with all those beautiful faces all over media. Being stewardess was THE ONLY THING they can think of being as A PRETTY ONE. I might say many girls today prefer to become a celebrity, as in artist, singer, model, or whatsoever... instead of being a stewardess *hufff*

- They are still kids. Parents always wanted the best thing for their kids. Financially and for future, some jobs that parents want their kids to be are: engineer, doctor, architect, etc. Those high-pay job will indirectly become a wish on every parent's dream for their children. But as for kids, especially girls, being pretty is more than enough (hehehe, I'm so underestimate kids kan?). What do you expect from a very little girl to answer? Architect? They don't even understand what the architect job is. Engineer? Well, if any of them answer "engineer" it was just their parents has planted that answer on their mind. A doctor? Are you kidding me? In their age, they might just hate doctor/dentist. How can they want to be one?

Ok, forget about those past. It was just a past. Even on that past I told everyone I wanna be a stewardess but later on when I grew up I found out that:

- I'm not that tall (but for some airlines nowadays, height is not a problem)
- My eyes' power are terribly bad. This could bring problem to the job task.
- I can't stand being in flight for long time.
- I'm not pretty and slim. Enuf said.

So I guess yea, being stewardess is not my call of life.
Anyone out there feeling the same way too?


I xboleh jadi steawardess sbb xminat..hahahahaha

hehehe masa kecik saya minat, skrg dah xnak dah... :)