Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear My Sister...

I might not telling her how I feel, I might not that good in communicating my love to everyone.
Not to my family, not even to Mr Red Ribbon...

My dearest sister is already has a boyfie now.
A person that very... can click with me, and hope to the family too...
A very funny character, humble, polite, and respect me as a sister.

Sometimes ago, my parents had a plan to hold wedding ceremony for both me and my sisters at the same time. Just to make it even. Coz me and my sister, eventho we have 3 years gap, but I feel like we are a twin sisters.

When we were kids, we wear same dress, same shoes, etc.
Mom always bout a pair of stuffs for us and dresses us like twin sister.
Even until we grow up, when she entered a university, dad bought us car, for each of us.
Same type, same car's brand, just different in color.
So, when it comes to the suggestion of holding the wedding together, I was so agree with that!

But, she, my sister, doesn't want it.
She has a dream, to have her own wedding, to make it special.
Or maybe she just not ready for it since my wedding date proposal is too soon for her.
I don't know what's the reason... But I won't be a pushy sister.
I respect her decision...

But my parents are targeting their wedding to be on January 2012 or early next year.
Which is only few months after mine.
And I was worried whether my parents still afford to finance their wedding?
Since I know mine will cost a lot.

People said I might think too much.
Yes, I think I do.

But my sister, she's turning 28, January next year. 
And I want to see her to have a family by that time.
I love her so much and wish to see her happy and get 'proper' wedding dreams too :)