Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bandung Tour Testimonial. First entry from Mersing :)

I just landed (my feet) on Mersing. What a very sleepy journey today. Hoaaahhhmmm...
I departed from Singapore at 8am with my sister and her love this morning.
Finally reached JB at around 9am and Mr Red Ribbon fetch us...
We had breakfast first at JB, I was sooo hungry couldn't tahan anymore we had to had breakfast then... Soto & a very tasty roti kosong just nearby JB Sentral...

From JB to Mersing took around 1 hour 15 minutes drive.
Mr Red Ribbon drove the car and outside weather was very HOT!
While inside the aircond was quite cold...
Made me sooo sleepy...
So when we reached the hotel I straight away look for pillow and cuddling it :D
But I know I can't sleep now, Mr Red Ribbon will fetch us in another an hour to go to his cousin's wedding just few blocks away (but I'm sooo don't know Mersing, so better let him takes us there)

By the way, currently there is someone (a group) having a trip to Bandung which organized by my family. I used to not worry that much. But since the driver fetch them from Jakarta (not from Bandung airport) so I'm a bit worried. Plus! I'm not at Bandung now, so leaving this thing to my family makes me worry a bit... 

I always want to give the best service for everyone. Even we all know it's BUDGET TRIP.
Some customers might said "let's don't hope too much", but no... I want to make everyone feel comfortable just as they signed up for one expensive travel package.

So yesterday night, I got this SMS from the customer. They just arrived at the homestay:

Was so happy that everything still under control there. I really do hope that Mr.F (the customer) will feel the homestay as his own house. I don't want people spend so much on accommodation while they are staying at Bandung. Coz for me, it's better for them to spend on shopping rite? rite? I know the place might not be as perfect as hotel but hope you feel the warmness of our welcome greetings :)

So, everyone of you, if you have a plan to visit Bandung for shopping or just travel around and want to go there in Budget Travel Package, just let me know. Or refer to this ENTRY for more info.