Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sape nak Ticket 15th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship at Arena Star Genting?

Well, xsangka, me menang 2 ticket daripada KLM Airlines nyer contest.
But then baru realize yang me tersilap minta ticket untuk 18hb, which is falls on Friday.
Event tue start kul 3 petang, so Mr Red Ribbon will still be at the office by that time.

It's free admission, btw, tapi kalau korang memang datang terus, not sure bole dapatkan seat ke tak ye... at least if you wanna go and have this ticket, you will be guaranteed get your own seat.

This is the venue, Arena of Stars, Genting Highland.
Been long time teringin nak tengok performance kat sini.
Looks very huge hall kan?
Tapi too bad, wrong timing :(

Anyone interested with the ticket, leh email me your details and phone number.
Atau leave message kat comment bawah nie...
But, you must be able to meet up with me on 16th November at around KL area yer for me to pass you the ticket. Xnak hantar2 pos coz risau lambat sampai :)