Monday, October 24, 2011

Story about Chinese/Korean Fan Dance

Chinese/Korean fan dance?

Why suddenly I feel like talking about this?
Yes I do interested in any kind of dances, even currently I don't practice any dance at all, but previously I'm so attached to dance.
Started with dancing at school's event, joined some dance groups and been performed quite often outside.
When I retired, I did practiced dancing on  my own, as an exercise, instead of going to gym.
I wanna be sweat in a happy way :)

Back to the topic, Chinese/Korean Fan Dance is one of Chinese/Korean traditional/folk dance.
I just recall this dance earlier last year and just remembered I've dance this before when I was a kid back in kindergarten!
If you forgot how the dance look like, here's the pics:

A version of Chinese Fan Dance and the outfit.

Another Chinese Fan Dance performance.

And this is the Korean version with nicer costume and fans, I might say :)
High fan dances often tell traditional stories, while folk-oriented fan dances may be performed simply for their visual beauty. (About the Chinese Fan Dancing |

If you look for any theme or kind of dances for your upcoming school/college performance for you and your children, I think this kind of dance quite easy to learn and the outfit quite 'sopan' too.
This dance needs a teamwork which is good for building children's sense of working together with their mates to create a beautiful choreography of the dance.

For costume, I found one place in PUCHONG that renting out many Chinese/Korean, specifically (they even tailor-made it for special occasion) where you can rent out the costume for quite cheap price. I forgot the name of the place, will be looking at my stack of business cards. At the meanwhile, if you interested to know, just ask me or email me

For the fans, some costume rentals might have a set of the costume altogether with the fans. But based on my experience, some of them only have few that already 'almost broken', tear here and there...

This is how the normal chinese fan for fan dance look like.
Where we can get the new fan then?
Try one Chinese Shop just across KELANA JAYA MRT (alright, I forgot the name f the shop too, it's Happy and Cheers, or... errmm... I don't know). But I'm sure you can find it so easy. Remember, just opposite Kelana Jaya MRT alright?
And another one (which seems to be its branch) is located in Puchong few blocks before TESCO Puchong, next to LDP Highway. Again, I forgot the name of the shop, but it's a Chinese stuff's shop too :)

The fan comes with the labuci2 just like in the pic.
Based on my experience, they don't have much stocks while we actually need many dancers and many fans to make the dance look marvellous.

So, next option... you can go here:

It's Mr Red Ribbon, back then he was accompanying me looking for fans for my dancers.
We found many fans here, cost around RM4-6 if I'm not mistaken.
Mostly, they have in pink, red, and yellow only.
Forgive me for many things I almost forgot, it was 2 years back when I deal with this fan dance thingy :)
Where is the shop selling those fans?

Here it is...
THIEN HOU Chinese Temple, Kuala Lumpur...
Next to Federal Highway, exit at Seputeh...
It's a quite huge temple, I was there to look for the fans as recommended by friend.
But seriously, many Chinese handycrafts patrons inside the temple and the place has become one of tourist attractions too....
Errr, you can see some pics of the temple HERE, incidentally found some and wish to share :)
So that's it, after you get all those tools, go get some songs (can download from internet).
Just google "Chinese Fan Dance MP3" or "Chinese Fan Dance music" and there you going to have it tons on internet!

Get your hands to type YOUTUBE.COM, get some videos from there or....
Contact ALICE from Sole to Soul Dance Studio (here's the wesite link: CLICK), she was the one who tought my dancers to dance. She's very kind, humble person...
You can get a quite fast lesson from her or join any classes that teach Chinese Fan Dance :)

So that's about it.
Hope can help anyone out there who wants to know more on performing Chinese/Korean Fan Dance...