Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Wedding Prep: Missing Her So Much | 11 days to go

I don't know whether this got something to do with my wedding or not.
But suddenly yesterday when I chat with my girl, Tere, she said she missed times back in college at Kuala Lumpur and she felt like she wanted to turn back time.
She is now already came back to Jakarta for good and worked there.

I don't know. I feel the same way to.
A time when there's no boundaries, feels like heaven.
All we think of was study, assignment, bf? (we didn't have one that time)
That's all... all the time was having fun...


On class break, experimenting with college's PC.
Hahahaha I miss classes :)

Shopping time always been a good moment for us since we always deal with assignments Mon-Sun, morning til late.
Having a day for shopping is like miracle.
And we surely won't missed it...
Shopped anything we like.
(But it seemed only me who always shop more huaaaa...)

Even the picture not so clear, but I still remember where we took this pic.
It was at IKANO, As Is section. We sat down on a sofa then took some pics...
Always love the time when I jalan2 with you...


And I still remember snapping your pic on your first attempt wearing contact lenses :)
Sungei Wang, yes, I still remember that.

This was taken on our first journey to Melaka for school assignment.
So much fun :)

This one at Port Dickson, our first attempt together too :)
A memorable one day road trip that I wish would never end...
I'm feeling going somewhere with you again soon....
But where?
And when?

I wrote this special for you...
You're like my own sister already, I do care a lot about you.
You are the only person I feel proud of at college that time.
So young but mature enough to face the world.
You are such a strong woman, I never doubt it.

But when times hard, don't forget me, as my shoulder will always there for you.
I might be attached to a man soon, but it won't change the way I feel to you.

Friends Forever.
Near or Far.

Don't ever forget me, coz I won't forget you...



pun rindu kat my bff.. ari tu sempat jumpe dia sekejap je..
kiteorg ni dari kecik lagi orang cakap muka ada iras.. she is the bestfriend yang rasanya tak boleh dipisahkan lagi..kiteorg dah jadi semakin rapat n rapat..