Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trans Studio Bandung | Biggest Indoor Theme Park in the World

Bandung keep on developing to be one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia. From the beautiful highland scenery, thousand variety of tasty food, a shopping heaven for all, and the latest on is Trans Studio.

Trans Studio Bandung was said as the biggest indoor theme park in the world with 20 fun rides and lots of amazing attractions as seen on television.

Trans Studio located at Bandung Super Mall (BSM) area, 15 - 20 minutes drive from the Homestay.

Since it's indoor, so no worries of raining, or the hot hot sun yer...
And it's located inside this Bandung Super Mall, you can take half day to have fun at Trans Studio and another half day to shop at Bandung Super Mall.

What's Inside Trans Studio?

We can say that Trans Studio wanted to adapt Universal Studio, Singapore. If you ever went to Universal Studio Singapore, you may feel the similarity, it's just it's in a smaller version of it coz it's indoor.

What you look for in a theme park, you may find it at Trans Studio.
 Fun games? Thrilling Rides? Scary haunted house?
Broadway performances? Hollywood celebritie?
All at Trans Studio.

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lalink..i tgk berita pasal taman tema ni kat tv3 ari tu..mcm best jugak..hehe

Mrs ribon nak tanye boleh :) kalau dari Bandung (airport) nak ker transtudio nie jauh ker

dari airport dalam 30-45 minit... kalau dari homestay dekat je 10-15 minit :)