Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I Met Jojo Struys?

Salam, Bloggers...
Suddenly kan, Ms Red Ribbon nak cite pasal Jojo Struys. Why oh why?
Yesterday just saw her name listed HERE for Fave Malaysian Female Online Celebrity nominatee for Digi WWWOW Awards. Waaa... suddenly it reminds me of her.

First thing first, checking her blog!
Yes, I never knew that SHE WRITE A BLOG TOO!!!
I don't really follow celebrity, actually. Huhu...
So yesterday was my first time visiting her blog here: Jojo Struys Blog

Well, bile saya nie yang entah sape2 la bole jumpe Jojo?
Ok, it's not that looong story, but so unexpected...

One day on March 2009 (couldn't remember the date) my friend suddenly texted me.
He was my ex-colleague and he's now own a growing production house, needed an assistant for a 3days project. Yeah, he called asking for my help.
Since I was free, so I said ok.

That one morning, I met him and some crews at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang.
Tengah sembang2 ngan semua, suddenly datang la one cute and pretty girl, with her hair styler + MUA.
I didn't know who she is, but she's pretty! Seriously pretty!
And I heard people calling her Jojo.

Anne, very nice MUA with Jojo

owww it's Jojo, and me at the back with one of the crews :)

So, we were making a corporate video for CIMA and Jojo one of the talent for the video.
She looks like she was the ambassador, I'm not sure though.
I was thinking, my friend was a good director la picking her as the talent.
I keep saying to myself that she's so damn cute, pretty, very lively, and nice.

So ya, we done the shoot at Pavillion (time tue belum ada lagi the 'fountain mangkuk' kat depan, hehe, so the space sangat luas. Was better like that, I must say)

When I went back, I had a chat on the phone with Mr Red Ribbon and told him we had this shoot with a girl name Jojo. Then he said, sounds familiar, is it Jojo Struys? Well, I said I don't know...

The next day I uploaded my new pictures taken from the shoot on my Facebook and my friend started to say, "Hey, is it Jojo Struys? Owww my husband adore her so much... Dying to meet her in person!"
What? who is this Jojo Struys?

Ow, she's a FAMOUS model, actress, TV host, radio DJ, etc
Wow! No wonder she's so talented!
And I must say my experience meeting her was, she is a nice person, humble, active, pretty with good skin and nice hair, and I like the way she talk, so cute!

If you like her too you can connect with her through:

I feel so weird experiencing things in a place that I don't really familiar with.
And this is one of the stories.
So many similar stories happened in my life.
Will story mory to you soon :)

Have a great day and love yourself. 
Be beauty like Jojo :)



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