Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Ahoy there, bloggas!!!

Hey am Captain Jack Sparrow, the grrrreat sea monsta... conquerrror of this gigantic sea...
Am the mon, the sun, the rain of all the deep blue ocean crrrreatures...
Am yer massive-deep-breath-takin-monstrous that will hunt yer down!
Ahoy, sailors!!!



Am a CAPTAIN of the biggest pirate ship in the world...
Am in charge of the day and the night of all the life above the sea...

Am a one man arrrmy! Aha!
A buckle of swivel guns, tons of hand grenadoes, daggers, and don't forrrrget... ma Cutlass!!!
I'm rrrready to swing it into yer neck if yer not obeying me!


Everybody will be afrrraid of me!  
I've killed many sea soldiers... 
All has drown and burrrrried at Davy Jones's Locker.
I have the power, an unlasting stregth!
Yer don't play play with me, 
Now tell me that yer aren't afrrrrraid of me. Haha!

 2. 2Gs : GOLD and GIRLS!

Am thirst of adventure...
A hunt fer treasure...

Hail on the Jolly Roge's flag! Am headin fer a gold pool!

I want everythin in this world to be placed inside ma duffle.
All golden coins... All jewellerrrrries...
All that shinin stones...
Am so rich... RICH! RIICCHH!!!

When am rich, every girrrrls will be inside ma hands!
Noone is not lovin me.
Well am rich, what more can yer expect?
Hahahahaha.... *gelak jahat*

Not to mention, this lovely girrrrl besides me...
But will she amaze by ma gold and daggaaa?
I don't care, am rich and she has to be MINE!


 Yer think I wanna be a 'real pirate' fer the rest of ma life?
Naaahhh... Shiver me timbers! Forget about it!
I have to go on account now, mates!

Being an actor is ma obsession, ma passion, ma life...
Ma fans out there, are the beat of hearrrrttt...
Don't tell me yer never see me on ma movie "Pirates of Carribean"! 
Oh what a thousand thunda if you don't! 
The 4th one will be released soon!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Nuffnang is organizing a CONTEST and 45 most creative entries will win a pairrrr of passes to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Pirrrrates of the Carrrribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D! Also some gifts!
Swing the lead, go write now!

And Nuffnang, belay what I've said...
Let Mr & Ms Red Ribbon watch me on cinema!

Now pull up Jacob's Ladder and put yer hand on the deck!
Ahoy, sailors!!!

 (all piccas taken from Google Images)