Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cuti Cuti Malaysia : KIP Hotel Kepong


First entry di 2016. 
Mencuba merajinkan diri untuk menaip semula. 
Sharing info2 dan ceritera untuk readers semua. 
Be it about my wedding business, atau job sepenuh masa saya sebagai suri rumah :) 

Kali ini nak cerita plak pasal year end vacation last week. 
As a wedding planner, my hectic time is when people's on their holiday. 
Just few days before new year 2016, baru la setel semua job wedding dan it was when I thought of getting a short vacay for me and my little family. 
Not having enough time and power to go outstation, so we decided to browsing around on Agoda and Hotels.com for hotels with swimming pool. 
Yup, swimming pool was a VERY IMPORTANT POINT since we've been ages not taking Rafi for swimming :) 

 Then, we found KIP HOTEL. 

We are not looking into Golden Triangle or Kuala Lumpur spot, since WE NEED SOME REST after a long hectic days on December. 
So when I saw Kip Hotel is at around Kepong area, wy not give it a try?
Well I don't mind even it far from the city.
But then when we searched on google map, it is not at THAT KEPONG, it's at Jalan Kuching area instead, so not that far from the city kan...

Booked one day before, and here we go on 31 December 2015!

View of the hotel at night. I can say it was a neat, nice and welcoming entrance and lobby.

Check in was smooth.
And here is our room on 8th floor.
Macam industrial design-theme kan bilik ni? 
Simple and neat.
Just what we expect from the pics on internet.

But surprisingly, we didn't expect of getting a room with KLCC and Menara KL view.
But yeah, we got one!
Plan memang nak jauh dari KL, not planning to see any fireworks, tapi dapat bilik mcm ni of course la happy, akan ada fireworks untuk Rafi's entertainment kan?
We are lucky :)

Ok, so this is the room.
Everything we need is there.
We didn't expect more than this.
Cukup selesa.

Bathroom is OK too.
Free towels, free soap, shampoo, and tooth brush+tooth paste.
Hot shower, that's my very concern, above all :)

So it was just few meters away from Tesco Selayang, we bought some munch munch for us to munch while watching TV and fireworks that nite.
Malam tu kat hotel (garden hall concept, at six) ada sambutan NY countdown.
Ada live band jugak, tapi kitaorg xjoin, just boleh dgr sikit2 daripada bilik...

Kitaorang lagi seronok duduk dalam bilik, tengok movies ngan Rafi.
Added up more fat to our stomach haha...
And watching fireworks too...

Ada nampak fireworks kat KLCC tu?
Haaa tu satu spot sahaja.
Sebenarnya ada tak kurang dari 5 spot fireworks yang kita boleh nampak malam tu.
Betul2 open space. Semua ada dalam video, gambar xde hehe..

Then, what we do the next morning of first day 2016???
Watch this space :)

 source: http://kiphotel.com.my
 source: http://kiphotel.com.my
source: http://kiphotel.com.my