Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm attached and addicted to contact lenses...

Assalamualaikum, bloggers...

You probably think I'm just putting myself in danger when you read the post title.
Yer la, you go check people's opinion about wearing contact lenses.
Sooo many negative things they wrote.


I stopped permanently wearing glasses 7-8 years ago.
Before that I wear contact lenses too, occasionally, when I feel I needed to.
But since my eye power getting worsen and worsen, so I need to permanently wear contact lens.
Why? Coz I will feel dizzy everytime I wear glasses.
Just imagine, my current power is -7.00 both eyes.
Imagine how thick is my glasses, confirm pening kepala when you wear it.

So, is it contact lens that makes my eyes' power worsen?

A bit history of how my eyes' power has increased these few years...

1996 - First time wearing specs; power -0.50; was playing around with friend's specs and it brought negative impact to my healthy eyes...

2001 - After 5 years wearing specs, my power has raised to -4.00 it's a WOW! Doctor said to wear it all the time, but my experience told me when your power still low just wear it when you need it. If you wear it all the time, you became so 'manja' and your eyes felt that they need it all the time, and keep adjusting the power themselves.

2002 - Started to wear contact lenses, occasionally, coz tired of wearing specs. I never go and check my eyes power anymore coz one day when my power reached -4.50 and I had them checked they said my eyes power are -9.50! Crazy! I still can wear specs with -4.50 why should I wear -9.50? Nak buat my eyes rosak ke?
In fact, everytime I went see optician, they always give me A WAY HIGH RESULT OF EYE POWER. I don't know why. Even if I feel my eyes still OK wearing the same specs/lens with same power, they told me I need to change it since my power already risen. Gosh!
I don't believe in optician anymore ever since :(

2005 - My power has gone up to -5.50. Contact lenses slowed down my eyes damage, I guess. Started wear it permanently as my specs so thick, as thick as bottom of a bottle. Wear it 7 days a week, sometimes more than 10 hours a day.

2008 to present - My power raised to -6.50. Quite stable now...

I used to wear yearly disposable lens before, tapi haven't reach a year pon lens tue dah koyak, kotor, xselesa nak pakai.
So I decided to just wear the 3-months disposable contact lens now.
I think it is safer, every 3 months kne beli baru (but then sometimes extended to 5 months coz xsedar)

So yeah, I just bought 2 pairs of contact lenses last week.
Bought online jer... Ada Year End Sale...
I bought 2 pairs that time...

Bought here: geolens2u
Murah je, RM20 tengah sale, per pair. 
Normal price sekarang RM30 per pair, belum shipping yer.

Sekarang nie tengah suka contact lens yang besar2 macam dolly eyes tue.
Camnih la...

 source: google

source: google

Memang ramai orang cakap brand2 camnih xselamat.
Hmmm... xpasti lagi theory camne, tapi memang dalam packaging dia, tak nampak pon info pasal muatan oksigen dalam lenses tue.
Normally I bought contact lenses consist of 55-58% water.
According to optician, this rate is quite safe to keep out the eyes from dryness.
So, this made-in-China or made-in-Korea lens, I'm still not sure on how many percent is the water/O2 level.
The problem is that, my eyes are sometimes dry, asyik nak 'kucek2' jer...
I just tried Dueba Dolly Eye nie, rasanya a bit dry juga.
Usually I bought contact lens yang murah2 nie kalau gi Bandung, hehe, ada optic kat Carrefour, dekat dengan my homestay, kat sana jual dalam RM25 camtuh, selesa pakai.
But since dah lama xsempat gi Bandung, so need to buy at KL.

If not, Korea/China-made contact lens, my fav contact lens is:

source: google


Sold at many reliable optics all around Malaysia.
Normal price is RM75, sometimes they offer buy 2 pairs, free one pair.
If you go Sungei Wang, price will be RM50-55 per pair.
Kira sama la, but you can buy one pair, 3 pairs tu banyak sangat.
Kalau beli from my friend yang optician, RM120 dapat 3 pairs hehe...
But she shifted to Kelantan already, I have no contact lens supplier anymore :(
Susah kalau nak walk in pergi optic, they rarely have stock for power more than -5.00 :(

I love PURE HAZEL color, coz xberapa weird sangat kalau pakai.
Also GREEN color, it looks creepy but when a black-eyed-person wear it, the color become a bit dark brown, so xberapa nampak green and it looks natural.

I have no problem wearing Freshlook.
Good price with 55% water level.
If I finished my contact lenses' stock, I will change back to Freshlook.

Sebetulnye, pakai contact lens --based on my experience-- are safe enough as long as:
- You wash your hands everytime you wear the lens (which sometimes I didn't do that, coz too lazy-> reminder to myself)
- You change the solution water everytime you soak the lenses (I sometimes lazy to do this too -> reminder again to myself)
- Do not wear it when you sleep (I sometimes do this before, but not anymore, yay!)
- Don't wait until your eyes hurt, if it stated three months then wear it MAX three months!
- Wear one that consist of at least 50% water level.

So that's a story of my addiction to contact lenses.
Was planned to do laser surgery after married, but then now I'm preggy, will save the money first for the baby, Insyaallah ada rezeki lagi bole buat laser surgery.
Kat Malaysia nie lagi murah kos buat laser surgery, compare to Indonesia.
Yes, I'm willing to do it one day :)

Some friends and families asked me why I never feel the need to switched back to glasses?
My answer is:



Makbed pun pakai spek. Left and right power tak sama. Right is -8.25. Left is much better.

Tapi, pakai contact lense make it better. The optician yg buatkan spek makbed ari tu pun cakap, power mata dah tak kurang. I dont think it is because of the spec sebab makbed pakai since 10 yrs old, power mata naik je.

But, my lense kena special custom made sebab ada silau. TAkleh pakai yg biasa-biasa dan murah. Even the glasses pun, kena pakai multicoated, sebab kalau glass biasa, mmg tebal giloh! Ada duit nanti leh wat lasik. Dah taknak dah abih duit kat spek n lense.

Makbed, tak sangka power makbed lagi besar dari saya... Memang kan kalau dah cukup duit nie nak buat lasik. Eventho bole survive dengan keadaan sekarang, tapi at least kalau bole kurangkan power tu kan lagi senang, pakai spec kalau perlu sahaja...

Good luck for both of us, moga2 mata cepat sihat :)