Friday, September 17, 2010

Red Ribbon GUESS MY AGE Giveaway Contest

Hi, all...

RRB&B is back with our 5th Giveaway Contest! 

Red Ribbon GUESS MY AGE Giveaway Contest
This time we organise a contest in conjunction with Miss RRBNer1 buffday, in just few days away. Besides that, Red Ribbon is cleaning up her wardrobe and wish to giveaway few things that you might needed more than she does. Someone's trash could be someone's treasure rite???


1. Follow/Link Red Ribbon Boutique & Blog yea (this is not a must)

2. Click on "Facebook Like" icon at the beginning of this post (this is not a must)

3. Write an entry about this contest.

4. Answer the TWO questions below. Just simple questions :) 

5. Pick the prize! This time RRB&B will giveaway her PRELOVED stuffs. Click HERE to choose 2-3 items... There will be 3 contest winners and each of them will receive mystery gifts as well :)

6. Put the contest logo on your sidebar.

7. If you joining, don't forget to comment on this post yea...

8. If you FAILED to give correct answer, you WILL STILL HAVE CHANCE TO BE NOMINATED as winner. 

9. Contest will be closed on 10/10/10. Winner will be announced 3 days after.


1. How old is Ms RRBNer1 this year?

me (left) with friends, November 2009

Monsoon Cup Terengganu, November 2009

(Jangan tertipu dengan gambar, kehkehkeh...)

2. What is/was the best birthday gift from your loved one on your birthday? (write a simple story and post pictures too...)

That's it! Hurry join the contest yer... Help me to clear my wardrobe too. I only give my things to people that really want it. So make sure you find one that really suitable for you :)




hye sis...hepy bezday..

sy dah link:

lalink...i join lagik GA u!

hye sis!ifa join lagi nie..hihi..=)

tq sis!hihi


pinkbiru nk join gak GA kali ni


huhu, joined ur GA too.

Happy Birthday Sis!
thanx. =))

thanks all for joining GA and your bday wish... semua entry sweet and comeyy :)

vist and comment to my post back. thanks

salam dear..join juga..

hope im the lucky 1! hihi
gud luck ols~

hmm nak teka je ... tak nak masuk kontest :) .. umur adalah 22 tahun 4 bulan! ... yeahhhh ....

salam aidilfitri dan selamat hari lahir

saya join GA ya


hai sis,
me join your GA jugak...

inform me kalau ada apa yang kurang k...


happy birhday

slm dear..

heppy birthday yaa

nk join jgk!

FK join disaat akhir...hehehe...hepi besday!!~


happy belated birthday!!

saya join ek..

nk join.. =)


i've j0in it..hepy bvday sis..

i've j0in it..nway hepy bvday sis..

Salam perkenalan,

Saya nak juga sama2 join yea