Sunday, August 15, 2010

Red Ribbon RAYA Giveaway Contest (4th)

Hi, all... In conjunction with Hari Raya, Red Ribbon Boutique is opening its 4th giveaway contest. How to join? What's the prize?

How to join?

1. Put the contest banner on your blog (preferably on sideboxes), this is not a must.
2. Be Red Ribbon Boutique follower (just click on the follow button, that easy!).
3. If you have facebook, you may click on Facebook LIKE button on top of this page.

4. Put up your 3 (three) WHISTLIST for Raya (be it from Red Ribbon Boutique blog, or other blog, doesn't matter for us) and let us know why. Write a story about the upcoming Raya and also a bit or Red Ribbon Boutique Blog.

5. Tag 3 of your friends.
6. That's it! Please leave comment on this post so we know that you are joining :)
7. The contest will be closed on 1st of September 2010. Winner will be announced and prize will be sent before Raya.


There will be 2 winners for this contest, each will get:


Either one of these dresses :)

and entitled for 10% discount on any brand new item (normal price items)

Jangan lupa, contest will be closed on
1st of September 2010.
So what are you waiting for? Jom terjah sekarang!


hyee , kalau nak post entry dalam bahasa melayu boleh tak ?

hye!!! saye da join dgn penuh smgt dan excited!!

kalo ade pape kekurangan sy sedia perbaiki! =)

sorry can't join this blog doesn't related for this theme.. :(

hye! i join ye....

if there's any mistakes...feel free to inform me... =)

hye dear..=)
ifa nak join nie..hihihi..
hope lucky..=)


hey dear!

i've join..
thanks for visiting my blog.
here's my link

followed you in fb n blog.
do inform me if i missed anything.
Thank you!!!

im joining...

fb : Dewi Izzlin
dah jadi follower: .::Ge3bJiB::.

link entry:


welcome dear..=)..hope i hv a luck with u..=)

hai dah join
jemput terjah ya

hi beb...i nak join.
check out my blog ya...

p/s: i dah jd follower u n i oredi added u in my fb :)

semoga tuan punya blog suksess..;-)


me dah join

me dah join gak...

i dah join...
hope got the simple but true dresse.
terutama yg warna pink...
love ya...

salam tuan tanah..saya dah join..

ID : Nini D..

jemput jenguk ye....tQ sbb anjurkan GA..moga tuan tanah terus suksess

sudah join....

me dh join!! join

joined ;)

RRB Raya GA Contest

kalau tak cukup syarat tlg smpkan ye. thanks :D

sy dah joinnnnn jugeee.... :)
sila2 lah lawat yer....
muchhhaaa gracias :)

hi..saya dah join

saya join jugak..

tq :)


me join
salam..dah join ye


miza join

sudah join.. thnks

view HERE -->

hi, i've joined your contest.this is my first trial.
view my page.thanks!:)

thank u kepada sume2 yg dah join....
will be closed in 3 days... pastu RRB kne choose the winner cepat2 so hadiah bole sampai before Raya yer...

*alamak, mesti pening nak pilih mana satu*

good luck, semoga ramai yang sertai contest ni

Kila join

thks invite..suzie join!hihi

your writing is really nice..keep it up!